On A Scale Of 1 to 10 How Much Knowledge Does A Jehovah's Witness Have About Their Religion?

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  • paulnotsaul

    In my experience I'd give em a 1. In my neck of the woods their so hung up on "the truth" phrase that once they here/accept that they don't look into the doctrines or history of the religion any further. peacetoall paulnotsaul

  • shechaiyah

    [QUOTE] Years (many decades) ago, most JWs knew what their religion taught. They could go toe to toe with a minister or priest and make some good points.

    I believe today's Witness knows little about most of the convoluted teachings and revisions of the "Truth". [/QUOTE]


    I can speak to this because I came into the Society in 1965 when you HAD TO KNOW "Jehovah." It wasn't ENOUGH to spout doctrine.

    There had to be a relationship there, between the Witness and YHVH God. One CANNOT BE A WITNESS if you don't know the SUBJECT.

    Being kicked out of the Herndon VA congregation for NO wrong-doing set me free from the Organization; but I never left Jehovah.

    In the intervening 32 years, the Organization has reflected the same socio-spiritual experiences of all the other Churches: luke-warming of the "Elect."

    In those days, we lived for the day that the whole System would go down; and it never needed "going down" MORE than it needs to do that now.

    Corrupt, perfidious (lying), predatory and parasitic leadership is all we have anymore. In 1965 it wasn't this bad; Sincerity was still understood.

    No more. Sincerity doesn't even come up. Nor does Faithfulness-under-trial; Commitment to principles of good behavior; or even, Chastity.

    People don't even know WHAT "Chastity" is: to stand for a sacred principle against all odds.

    Today WTBTS Leadership still talks about Armageddon, but they have not prepared the large body of Witnesses for disasters on their way here NOW.

    Today WTBTS Leadership is all about accountability to "method and procedure"; never mind the disasters they create in human families and lives with their shunning policy, directed almost totally randomly AT single parent families and compromised relationships. They don't know Jehovah anymore! Jehovah is the God of RELATIONSHIP, not merely of belief-systems.

    Negotiating the sale of the Brooklyn property, WTBTS have NO PLANS to create a sharing Christian community for brothers and sisters who have paid their way all these hundred and fifty years.

    Personally, I think rank and file Witnesses have more of a grasp on Discipleship and Integrity than the people at Bethel, who in 32 years of my writing to the Governing Body about matters of principle, have never seen fit to reply, respond nor answer my questions surrounding IMPERSONAL and INDIFFERENT leadership.

    But God is Faithful, even when Leadership stumbles and errs.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It's hard to tell with my lot.

    You have to try and work out if they really don't know, or if they are lying. It's the same for all of the generations.

    The older ones pretend they have never heard of doctrines that were taught when they were recruited, when they would have sucking this stuff up with their newbie zeal. My parents conveniently forget that they ever heard CO and Convention talks and taped talks that they freakin insisted that I sat up straight and listened to. Now it's, "We never taught that!"

    It's goddam near impossible to have a sensible conversation with someone who just keeps bloody denying anything from their past, (and present, for that matter), that has become inconvenient.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    In my congregation they range from 0 to 6. Generally about 3.

  • jaguarbass

    Anyone who is a witness today, in the information age has to be dumb.

    Even if its self inflicted stupidity, its still dumb.

  • shechaiyah

    Yes, Policy, Process and Procedure are become MORE Holy, more Sacred, than Effects PRODUCED upon the people involved.

    It's as if YHVH God forgot what a butterfly or rose ought to LOOK AS and PERFORM AS, and only cared whether they were shipped by the ton or not.

    It's as if the numbers on the Service Report were more Sacred than the Love and Relationship of Souls for their Creator Father.

    This is why I am NOT ashamed of having been THROWN OUT. I didn't sin; THEY did--shunning a whole family who had not violated Holy Law.

    You know what happens, under Holy Law, when individuals are CURSED who are innocent?

    Their JUDGES carry their curse, in the Judgment.


  • wearewatchingyouman

    It's hard to say... really hard... when I talk to witnesses and tell them I just can't stand all the man made rules and they respond with things like "we only have two rules... love your god with your whole heart. and love your neighbor as yourself... the rest are just guidelines." I think they either have to be retarded, brainwashed or plain lying... I mean they do realize I grew up in it and have an elder for a father, right? They just can't possibly be that stupid to really believe that or expect me to... I think most of them know what is right and wrong acccording to the FDS... they just have to constantly lie to themselves to accept it and to continue in the twoooth...

  • GLTirebiter

    I think that, like their knowledge of the Bible, the average Witness knows a few things by heart--and forgets about the rest (if they ever heard about it in the first place). But that part they do know, man, they won't ever stop telling you about it! Being extremely vocal can create the illusion that you actually have much to say.

    So I give the average Witness a 3.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    They just can't possibly be that stupid to really believe that or expect me to...

    Many times I name the era/time/place/occasion/people when they were trying to convince me of what they are now trying to deny they were indoctrinating me with when I was a kid.

    I act offended when they try to get away with that crap.

    I don't really take it personally, but I don't see any need to pretend that I'm not offended by their behaviour.

    I'm not guilty. They are ..... but they are never going to confront that if I don't rub their noses in it.

    They might score a ten if they were talking to another Dub, but talking to me ......... Theocratic Warfare takes precedence over truthfulness.

  • minimus

    Jag, there are a lot of dumb Witnesses, no doubt.

    Shechaiyah, you seem like you would've made an odd JW.

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