On A Scale Of 1 to 10 How Much Knowledge Does A Jehovah's Witness Have About Their Religion?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    For years and years I tried to understand, it but one of the things that totally drove me crazy was that I could not understand it.

    I thought it was me that I must be really dumb and stupid. I would study and study, study for all the meetings and then I thought if I read all the magazines cover to cover even the article's that were totally boring I would get it. Then I thought if I read the Bible, (bis mistake as it just cased more questions then answered them, so I reread it over eight times) but no matter what I did I just could not understand the religion.

    There were so many questions and no answers.

    Then I found this sight and now I know why.


  • Honesty

    On A Scale Of 1 to 10 How Much Knowledge Does A Jehovah's Witness Have About Their Religion?

    - 1

    90% of them can't adequately explain WHY they refrain from blood but accept fractions.

    95% of them can't explain 'this generation' they just accept 'overlapping' & slumber on.

    98% of them can't adequately explain the WTBTS's chronology for 1914.

    99.9999% of them don't know who 10 toes in the image in Daniel represents.

    All they know is that if the 'slave' said it, it has to be true.

  • watson

    I think 80% know what to say...

    Most just can't explain or defend it.

  • minimus

    My goodness, am I seeing a trend here? If this keeps up, I'm going to start feeling bad (maybe).

  • wobble

    I would say most of the average JW's would just about score a 2.

    A related eyeopener is if you can ever get them to open up as to why they believe it is the truth. Of course, all their reasons are easily shown to be in error, but it is interesting how flimsy they are, even from those who have spent a lifetime working for the religion.

    You find out that basically they don't know the latest rubbish they are supposed to believe,they cannot support it from scripture, and the foundation for their faith is non-existent, I pity the poor fools.

  • punkofnice

    I'm with Honesty! If Mrs Punk is the yardstick.

    Case in point, Mrs Punk! I mentioned the 'overlapping' once when she let me speak. She asked 'What? What 'overlapping'? what are you talking about?'

    She goes to the kingdum hell and such. Hi-lites her literal-trash and still has no idea what she believes. She just does the basics, mainly the 'dangled carrot' propaganda.

    144k go upstairs. The rest that manage to survive based on 'works' live with a pet panda.

    Jehovah = God.

    Jesus = Not god but some angel.

    Do more or god will lovingly murder you SOON (no idea about 'overlapping')

    Obey the GB or God will lovingly murder you SOON (what's 'overlapping'?)

    Toes? What toes?

    New Light TM what New Light

    TM ?

    All she can blather on about is 'the organization' this, 'the organization' that. I love MY 'organization'.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Yesteryear's Witnesses got a 9/10. today's JWs get a 5. The average Witness can't understand what's acceptable regarding blood, military service, conscience matters, disassociation, various parables, etc. Today's JW is dumbed down and sorry to say: dumb.

    They are no longer converting based on doctrine. Remember the Truth Book or Live Forever Book went through all of Christendom's doctrines and shot them down and taught JW Bible Truth. Not any more. Look at the new brochure from Dist Conv. Pictures. The attraction now is "warm and fuzzy". Happy family life. Improved quality of life. Better future life (esp in 3rd world countries or among low income groups).

  • sizemik

    Can't speak for anyone else . . . but what I know now compared to what I knew then (doctrinal and organisational) . . . if now was 10, then would have been around 4 . . . shameful really. "Enough" will keep you in . . . any more will have you on the road out. I had a lazy brain until circumstances kicked it into life again.

  • sd-7

    I'd go with 2. Just based on how ignorant I was--and remember, I read the 'Proclaimers' book as a teenager. Most people I doubt even did that. The history and the doctrine are things most aren't very deeply knowledgeable about. Giving 'em a 2 is actually quite generous.


  • cantleave

    Great Question, the answer is as much as the GB wants them to know.

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