On A Scale Of 1 to 10 How Much Knowledge Does A Jehovah's Witness Have About Their Religion?

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  • shechaiyah

    Group-Think is an angelic phenomenon.

    Their group-process becomes more important to them than the outcome of logic or reason.

    All we can do for them is pray, that Truth is allowed to straighten them out.

  • JRK



  • shechaiyah


    JRK, would you like to explain, please?

    Or is it a private joke?

  • blondie

    he means

    scale of 1 to 10 he was 2.5

  • shechaiyah


  • shechaiyah

    I was a very, very ODD JW.

    And nothing has changed, has it?

    Ohh. I figured out the scoring system. JRK rates himself a 2.5 on a scale of 10, how knowledgeable he was.

    I figure, that doesn't matter at all.

    Knowledge isn't entirely the issue, is it?

  • blondie

    Did you read the title of this thread, 1 to 10. It is subjective based on one's personal viewpoint about themselves at that time or experience with jws in their congregation. Sheesh

  • shechaiyah

    Yes, I'm catching up. I'm slow, always was slow to catch on.

    And the reason this is confusing for me is that being a JW was NEVER for me, about "knowledge."

    It was about where my loyalties went, which is more about "feelings" than knowledge.

  • Terry

    Were it not for the fact I was in Federal prison from 1967 to 1969 I would have not been able to avail myself of in depth analysis and explorations of Watchtower "deep doctrinal" beliefs and history.

    I probably would have been a "surface" believer like the rest of them at the local Kingdom Hall.


    1.The books are poorly written. Mind-numbingly boring, convoluted and "technical".

    2.Explanations don't make practical sense. None of it is intuitively rational. The default option is to go-along with what you are told.

    3.Who has the time for that crap?

    My goal, while in prison (the Neutrality doctrine) was to become an "expert" JW.

    I memorized the chronology chart in the Babylon the Great has Fallen book.

    I memorized all 845 scriptures in the Truth that Leads to Eternal Life book.

    I learned the historical interpretations of various conventions and the silly self-application of Revelation to conventions in Cedar Point Ohio!

    I committed Make Sure of All Things to memory.

    I full-time Pioneered when I got out on parole.

    All for what? None of it was EVER useful. I couldn't talk to ANY other JW about any of this. Their blank stares said it all!

    The "teachings" and doctrines are like the Periodic Table of elements. Regarded as indispensible science and taken on faith without anybody actually bothering to explain any of it.

  • NVR2L8

    The level of knowledge has importance only if you are someone who want to attain "special privileges" in the congregation like MS, elder, pioneer maybe...because I met many of them who didn't have a clue. Otherwise, you could pretty much be part of the organization like anyone who is member of a social club. My wife can explain very few of the WT teachings and can't support any argument using the bible, this after a lifetime of regular attendance at the KH. She goes out in service but never had a study, rarely has a return visits...most months she places no magazines...she never comments at the hall nor does she participate in the ministry school...she one of the precious sheep under the spell of the WT, which explains why I can never reason with her on why I no longer go to the meetings.

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