On A Scale Of 1 to 10 How Much Knowledge Does A Jehovah's Witness Have About Their Religion?

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  • Bella15

    ZERO ...

    When they come to house I point to the back or their magazines or books and ask them to explain the difference between the Watchtower Society of Pennsylvania and the Watchtower Society of New York, I also ask for the names of the Board of Directors, I mean the "governing body". I ask when was the society incorporated, who was the first president ... which is not Charles Russell, etc. Also I point to the different revisions of their bible and ask what's the difference from other versions, etc. I make them see that the WTS is a CORPORATION ...

    They run fast from my house complaining that I don't want to listen ...


    I give them a..


    Only because they can Dress Themselves and Find their Way Home..


  • james_woods

    One problem they have is ever-changing doctrines. Who can really remember the latest version?

    Many doctrines have been changed without an actual clear explanation of the "new thinking" -

    Two that I can think of are the length of the creative day, and the 1970s notion that the heart was a thinking organ like the brain. Another would be the king of the north/king of the south from the 1960s, 1970s.

    I would give the modern average witness publisher no more than a two.

  • minimus

    Tough markers you are!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Well, I had a JW at my door on Tuesday who thought that when Jesus said "the meek will inherit the earth" he was referring to those who are of the earthly class. A little info from here showed that the WTS clearly says that the 144k will "inherit the earth".

    So this JW's at my door and she doesn't even know what her own religion teaches!!

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Tough markers you are!

    EVIDENTLY you've not been to my congregation.

    A couple of the elders may scrape a 2, a couple of publishers may be worth a 1, but the overwhelming majority are a big fat 0 with no ambition to improve.


  • techdotcom

    Most do not have a comprhensive knowledge of their own doctrine and often believe something contrary to whatever "new light" is out. For instance quite a few totally have missed the generations teaching change and don't really understand that it's different. Almost none could answer, if asked unprepared, about what is acceptable officially for taking blood fractions. Many would still refuse things that are technically ok just to be "safe".....they are trained very well in how not to question, even when the questions would be learning more about what they are supposed to believe. They just go to the meetings and whatever regurgitated "truth" sticks is what they remember, for a while at least.

    Its why sweeping changes to doctrine do not cause more unrest and how most do not appreciate just how much the "truth" has changed over the years.

  • NomadSoul

    I would go with 5.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Witnesses can vote? My uncle went to prison for neutrality. I wonder if they secretly tend to be Dems or GOPS or Tea Party?

    B/c I was young and naive, everything was clear. I don't think Witnesses ever scored points against clergy. Most clergy do not engage them b/c it is a waste of time. I've spoken with several clergy who were attacked at their doors. They find it comical. No clergy ever seems to view them as the enemy or evil. Rather, the Witnesses are regarded as uneducated and mistaken so allowances are made. My father took on a Jesuit about the translation of sheol and lost to his dismay. He was trounced and he freely admitted it to the family. Depression set in.

    I was never an adult Witness. When I was young, married people were always faithful. America was not just exceptional but God's chosen. The United States could commit no wrong. Girls could only hope to be teachers, secretaries, or nurses if they were spinsters. Elopement was romantic. Rock Hudson was virile. Good cowboys always wore white hats. Against, this background I can't assess Witness doctrine.

    My mom was born in. She would tell me how so much had changed during her lifetime. I scoffed b/c I knew better. Reading posts here about the UN,verlapping generations, beardless Jesus, bearded Jesus, oral sex, blood components are all right ---Does no one keep track?

    Witnesses know a few scriptures by rote. Anyone properly churched in the old sense can outdo them. Lawyers talk about data dumping. Receiving so much extraneous, unnecessary documents that the true facts are almost impossible to find. Witnesses data dump. How many Witnesses can analyze the Bible on their own? Little in life can be so detailed strewn and absolute as the Witnesses present. If the Bible is God's word, God certainly is capable of writing less confusing, more consistent and more elegantly than the books we have now.

  • cptkirk

    cant say for sure on a scale. but i can say it's definitely going down not up. one thing that is sort of sad/funny ...is presenting them with the UN info...you watch grown adults go into a kind of denial behavior that you might associate with a scene of children all going to Chuck E Cheese, and the one little girl has to stand outside while all the other kids are having the time of their life, while she watches outside. the kind of pain, denial, and angst....to watch this same behavior in grown men and women when presented with the UN info, is i think a good benchmark on really how low the number actually is.

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