Email exchange between myself (MS) and Elder...getting myself in hot water?

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    Nothing you've written seems problematic.Um, what did you say??

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    I entered this email exchange the other night, no doubt it will continue. I dashed out names of people and congs to protect the indoctrinated. Will add to as it progresses. ENJOY!

    Elder:Hey Brothers,

    There is a new public talk outline that was released. It is entitled "The Resurrection - Why That Hope Should Be Real To You". Let me know if you are interested in taking a look at it.

    ME:please discontinue scheduling me for any further public talks. it is too difficult to stay familiar with my outlines when i give them so infrequently. thanks.

    Elder:I feel your pain. I had the same thing happen to me. Either the congregations didn't accept Servants, or they didn't need my outlines. I would volunteer to do fill ins if a cong. contacted R---rt in need of a speaker. I would also periodically give my outlines to S----i to keep them fresh in mind. Another idea is contacting a Brother you know and let him know you would like to give a talk in his hall, if he is an elder and will vouch for you with the other Bros., then they can make the arrangements with me to send you over. This is done more than you think. Dont take this personal. It has nothing to do with you. If there was a problem with your delivery, we would have heard about it and sat down with you to correct it.
    As I went over the outgoing list, I see that J---d is sent out a few times - E----n and R--------ew- there again that is a case of both cooridinators knowing him personally and vouching for them with their body. As a rule they do not take Servants.

    I hope you will reconsider. I enjoy your talks. I know you like going out and visiting diff congs. And I know it is good for your family as well.
    If you dont feel comfortable giving it to J---y every once in a while, I would like to sit and listen. Even if you wanted to give it at the hall from the stage. Just give me a call.

    ME:Well, if this organization is rife with narrow minded men that insist on "rules" then they arent following what the Bible REALLY teaches.

    Consider Paul who was vehemently opposed to "the Way" even breathing threats and murder. He was blinded, healed, then quickly baptized as a Christian. This conversion would have never happened today because he would have had to sit thru 3 seperate sessions of questions to make sure he was "qualified" to be baptized then he would be "approved."

    However, if you read the account he was immediately baptized after his healing. No questions, No meeting to approve him.

    The "rules" men impose reek of men who want to step in as mediator of things between God and man so they can feel important and keep others from benefitting from the freedom Christ spoke of upon becoming one of his followers. Just like the white shirt prohibitions men tried to impose on others in the recent past in the organization. Now we ALL know these "rules" were rediculous, even Bro W---s made mention on one of his assembly parts not long ago how silly that was. So, the "rules" by men have backfired if my talks are a source of encouragement. Their "rules" have made giving talks less enjoyable. More burdensome. When things change and more men step up and have the courage to say "this rule is rediculous" rather than caving in to fear of man, my decision may change. For now, im solid in my decision. Thanks.

    Elder: Are you OK? You don't sound like you are in a very good spot.You are giving the impression that your faith in the organization is wavering. Am I reading that right?
    The direction from the Slave is that Servants should be requested from the cong. So in reality it is a privilege not a given for servants to give outgoing talks .When requesting speakers from congs.there are occasions that I turn down a servant if I am not familiar with them and none of the Brothers are either. If you look at 1 Tim. 3 under the qualifications for servants you notice that Vs.13 refers to "men who minister", not doing the teaching. Vs.2 of the same chapter. touches on the qualification of "teaching" when referring to elders. So it is up to the cong. to decide how much training or experience to give servants. We have a body that I feel is very proactive in this, but not all congs. are the same. So the direction is from the scriptures. As far as the steps to make sure one is qualified for baptism, that is a protection for the organization and Gods name being represented, again direction given from the Faithful Slave whom God has appointed to be our source of communication.

    Let me know if you need to talk - maybe just get some things off you chest..
    I would like to help anyway that I can. If not me PLEASE talk to someone who you are comfortable with.

    ME:I dont want to enter a debate, but faith in an organization and not God is improper.

    There are countless scriptures that tell us to examime and keep testing, not put faith in every expression. If you want me to quote scriptures i can..

    As far as direction from slave about talks i would like to see it written and scripture reference cited as to the reasoning. I dont see the reference in the Shepherd the Flock manual. I have heard D---b say that was a "unwritten rule."

    Also, the term "elder" is not in the Bible. EXCEPT in footnote references.

    Nothing i said earlier or now is untruthful and even writings by the slave back up statements i have made.

    If they have reversed direction i am unaware of i have not seen it in print.

    Again, not up for a debate, just speaking truthfully. And as you can tell, not into rules.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Written communication with elders is always riskier than verbal one-on-one with no onlookers.


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    Meeting Junkie No More

    Love it! GOOD FOR YOU! Waiting for the next instalment. There's still a name in there you might want to go back in and erase....just a heads up...

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    i realize that, but nothing i have written i feel gives reason for a JC. i will be cautious as a serpent though.......

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    ---thanks--- edit completed

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    good stuff hope you are ready for your hanging though?FS

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Honestly you've probably given them enough already to start down the df'ing road. If you were looking to fly under the radar, those responses aren't going to do it.

  • Ding

    I'd say you're getting in hot water if this elder knows your faith in the organization is wavering.

    Faith in the organization IS the WT religion...

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