Why Won't They Carbon Date This?

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  • Perry

    Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, (people characterized by mocking) walking after their own lusts, 4And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning (uniformatarianism) of the creation. 5For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: 6Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

    Mocking and willing ignorance ..... interesting isn't it?

    Material Tested
    RadioCarbon age
    30,890 +/-200
    33,830 +2910/-1960
    22,380 +/-800
    22,990 +/-130
    25,670 +/-220
    25,170 +/-230
    23,170 +/-170
    2,560 +/-70
    31,050 +230/-200
    16,220 +/- 220
    31,360 +/-100
    23,760 +/-270
    25,760 +/-280
    Fraction measured
    Collagen, modified Longin Method, AMS
    Organics, pretreated acid, alkali, acid,CL
    Organics, pretreated acid, alkali, acid.CL
    Organics, pretreated acid, alkali, acid,AMS
    Bioapatite, AMS
    Charred bone,AMS
    Collagen Modified longin method.AMS
    Humic acid alkali fraction,AMS
    Purified organics
    Bio-apatite (purified with HAc),AMS
    Sample from
    Internal bone material
    Outer bone material
    Internal bone material
    Outer bone material
    Internal bone material
    Internal bone material
    Internal bone material
    Internal bone material
    ------------- --
    bone surface scraping
    very large sample size
  • cptkirk

    the bible says nothing perry. 100+ -100=0. every scripture you cite can be applied to just about anything including a beer bong competition, and or can be cancelled out by another scripture in the same book. (yes with context included). keep the flag flying though, it's sort of fun to watch. yes let's take of the new covenant, let's all give into our most violent impulses and all kill eachother, because jezeus said we would be forgiven so why not.

    verily, verily, i say unto you, he that entereth the beer bong party not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way without his admittance stamp, is the same as a thief, and he will be given no beer.

    it's interesting that you felt the need to go back and edit out most of your post is what is interesting. did my counter points hit you that hard? interesting. go ahead , go get your next scripture now. what's next? "get behind me satan?".

  • thetrueone

    Mocking and willing ignorance ........ you've just explained and identified yourself Perry (well done ), your lack of knowledge of

    geological evolution, as well of biological evolution is quite apparent. You've once again have presented a characterization

    of a man with poor critical thinking skills void of rational logic.

    Human ignorance is a known actuality, it was present in biblical times just as it is in are modern times.

    Believing and supporting these past human ignorances is nothing but a folly of irresponsible laziness.

    Some people just have to live within their own weak intellectual apparition, stretching outward open mind

    to new concepts or knowledge in a effort of willingness is unsuitable toward their own built up identity of themselves.

    By the way ignorance is nothing to be posturing arrogant or prideful about, something religionists never seem to realize.

  • NomadSoul

    Funny Thread for a Monday :)

  • leonbus23

    This is hilarious. Awen and Perry. Wow. Hard to believe. Almost in shock. Wow.

  • DagothUr

    Perry, you are not only obnoxious, you are also damn ignorant. I can show you many pictures, ancient or medieval, that seem to prove the existance of extraterrestrials, giant cephalopodes, gigantic birds, space travel, people with huge penises (maybe they were the Nephilims!!!) and so on. You must understand that ancient art is very symbolic. Just look at the damn Sphinx! It's proof of the existence of people with lion bodies in ancient Egypt! They were real.

    This whole artistic charade of an argument is so very unscientific, especially when coming from people who don't have a clue about that. Why don't you stick to your Bible arguments instead? Sutor, nec ultra crepidam!

  • SweetBabyCheezits
    I can show you many pictures, ancient or medieval, that seem to prove the existance of.... people with huge penises...

    How did you get these pictures? Those images were hidden securely under My Documents/Self-portraits/Nothing to see here.

  • Perry

    dagothur, simma down now. Take a deep breath and just relax. Here's some more pictures of chickens to help calm you down:

    The picture to the left (click to enlarge) was drawn by North American Anasazi Indians that lived in the area that has now become Utah approximately 150 B.C. ... Even noted anti-creationists agree that it resembles a dinosaur and that the brownish film which has hardened over the picture, along with the pitting and weathering, attests to its age. One evolutionist writes, "There is a petroglyph in Natural Bridges National Monument that bears a startling resemblance to a dinosaur, specifically a Brontosaurus, with a long tail and neck, small head and all." (Barnes and Pendleton, Canyon Country Prehistoric Indians - Their Culture, Ruins, Artifacts and Rock Art, 1995.)

    Closeup. Just look at the size & shape of this chicken!! --------->

    Deep in the jungles of Cambodia are ornate temples and palaces from the Khmer civilization. One such temple, Ta Prohm abounds with stone statues and reliefs. Almost every square inch of the gray sandstone is covered with ornate, detailed carvings. These depict familiar animals like monkeys, deer, water buffalo, parrots, and lizards. However, one column contains an intricate carving of a stegosaur-like creature. But how could artisans decorating an 800 year old Buddhist temple know what a dinosaur looked like? Western science only began assembling dinosaurs skeletons in the past two centuries.

    dagothur.... all kidding aside, why does this stuff make you so angry and cause you to become so abusive to others?

  • ziddina

    About that North American petroglyph...

    I LIVE next to Utah, have hiked in and viewed many of those petroglyphs - tho many are accessible by car, too - and am currently reading "The Rock Art of Utah" by Polly Schaafsma, whose monograph on petroglyphs and pictographs of Utah is based upon the photographic collection of Donald Scott, Assistant Director of the Peabody Museum.

    Mr. Scott had an early interest in the rock art of Utah [in the 1920's] and after his appointment as Assistant Director, he organized thorough expeditions into areas of Utah, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona which reached far beyond the scope of the typical modern tourist.

    Here's a quote from the book's introductory pages...

    "This was also the time when Noel Morss was developing his concept of the Fremont Culture in eastern Utah, the very area where Scott's deepest interests lay. William H. Claflin and Raymond Emerson had hatched their scheme for an archaeological reconnaissance of eastern Utah from the Arizona border to the Wyoming line, and Guensey and Kidder were completing their studies of the Basketmaker caves of northeastern Arizona. ...the western field trips continued, now with scientific purpose and a long-range plan. ...The Dirty Devil, Nine Mile Creek, Waterpocket Fold, Barrier Canyon, Jones Hole... and these surprising easterners came to know and record the archaeological sites and the pictures on the canyon walls.
    Working together sometimes, more often on their own, they succeeded in covering a tremendous amount of country which was totally inaccessible to the ordinary person - and despite uranium prospecting and missile target sites, it still is..."

    Now, the book that I hold in my hands does NOT show that petroglyph anywhere in its 55 photographs or 136 illustrations... However, what it DOES show, is that older petroglyphs were often "written over" by newer art.

    And looking at that "dinosaur", I can see that it is actually a SNAKE - which is a VERY COMMON motif among the art of the Utah tribes. What looks like "legs" are either an attempt by another tribe to superimpose another motif over the snake, or it may simply be erosional damage or gunshot scarring - yes, the yokels of Utah occasionally used these petroglyphs for TARGET PRACTICE... Speaking of which, one can see two whitish scars at the "legs" that are probably bullet impacts - the "legs" show at least two UNERODED impacts, which means that the fraturing caused by bullet impacts may have created the illusion of 'legs' on that particular petroglyph...

    As for that temple illustration - how do you know that you're not looking at an illustration of an Asian elephant or water buffalo with fronds shadowing its back?? How about showing MORE of the temple illustrations, so we can see if they sculpted OTHER animals with plants waving over their backs?? And while we're at it, if that's supposed to be a "Stegosaurus", then WHERE IS ITS SPIKED TAIL???


  • thetrueone

    Retrospectively I cant believe we have been discussing the possibility of dinosaurs being here on earth just a few thousand years ago by evaluating

    the art work of primitve ancients. Come on people we all are that really stupid are we.

    Only an ignorant layman who has never studied geological evolution or who has the intellectual maturity of a young grade schooler would propose a

    suggestion like that.

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