The Trinity

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    fair eough Aguest....I can see how it could get somewhat tedious after 10 years on here.

    As i have only been her 4 months it's still a pretty good subject to me.

  • allelsefails

    I've posted less than half as much as you Still Thinking, so I still like these threads too. It is so basic to "Christians", but so "I don't care" to Atheist/Humanists. For me I don't have "Faith" in anything. I am a person learning everyday and I hope to continue learning everyday until I acheive Nirvana......or Heaven......or Paradise Earth....... any where but here!

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Thanks for the replies so far. Just to point out, though, neither bob or isidore seem to have answered me as to why the Holy Spirit isn't mentioned in heavenly visions of the Father and the Son . Isn't it supposed to be equal to them in some way?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Why Holy Ghost not mentioned in heavenly visions? He evidently was off to the bathroom when the visions were given. Unlike zombie Jesus the Ghost God has to go tinkle & crap after heavenly banquets.

    What was his name again?

    Think About It

  • designs


    The answer is Wide Angle Lens, they weren't invented for another 2000 years.

    ......... oh damn I've been drawn into this mess aaarrggh

  • still thinking
    still thinking two....come're like a tag team....LOL

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I just don't think we can beat it to any greater death that we have,

    The resurrection, dear Shelby ...............

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Why is it that the people who deny the trinity have no problem in accepting the Canon (list of writings) of the NT that was drawn up by a Trinitarian?

    His was not the only Canon produced during the centures before he lived. He made mistakes and he selected writings that supported his sector of The Church. His list was produced about the same time as his Trinity doctrine was adopted.

    I see a great inconsistency.

    Perhaps the following bigger question should be asked:

    Rather than argue about the nature and format of God (whether known by names such as HWHY, ELOHIM, ALLAH, BAAL, or ZEUS), why should people believe anything at all that is written in ancient writings about super beings/entities?


  • designs

    Good Comic Books go up in value...


  • Larsinger58

    It's different if you're of the elect. God can appear to you personally and you have no doubts. Jesus Christ is the SON of God and that is a central concept. They are two different people, a father and a son. Why can't people simply get a dictionary and look up the word "father" and then the word "son" and build from there? It's not that complicated. God is real. He exists and he appears to some of us. By the way, where the Bible says his hair is like "fine wool" it refers to his wearing his hear in a "natural" because he's black in appearance. That is, he looks like someone half white and half black, which most people consider to be black, like Barak Obama who is half white and half Nigerian. I know many still have to guess and doubt, but it is nice to know for sure! LS

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