VERY depressed

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  • Retrovirus

    PM sent, Retro

  • youngbro

    Thanks for all the support JWN! This is real love! I am coming out of the darkness!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Glad to hear it! Don't be surprised if the depression comes and goes. Mine was a rollercoaster ride... but that was before I came to JWN. There's still a big mourning/grieving/recovery process. It's all part of the healing and moving on process. You have my email addy, give me a holler if you need to talk. And before you ask... yes I have the exams done, yes I did well, and yes I should be working on scholarships and packing to move instead of hanging around here.

    And if you didn't search for info on pyramidology, here's a couple of random links that make me chuckle about Chuck Rustle.

  • youngbro

    Tonight I asked to be taken off the TMS list. I feel a bit better.

  • discreetslave

    That's great to here but be forewarned this is not going to be easy. You need to fortify yourself coming out of darkness is different for everyone. For some the darkness looms longer. I will repeat this you must fortify yourself. When Jesus said the truth will set you free he was right. You need to prove the truth about this religion to yourself. Become well informed. Question others here, READ, READ, READ.

    Here are some suggestions :

    Crisis of Cinscience by Ray Franz

    Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan

    Captives of a Concept by Don Cameron


    If you still wish to remain a Christian

    Feel free to PM me

  • sizemik

    It's good to see you expressing these sentiments youngbro . . .

    And yes . . . it is a bit of a journey . . . with some bumps and potholes in it. But my experience with severe clinical depression was that it was at it's worst immediately prior to, and following the exit. Once you get some distance on it . . . things do get very much better.

    Follow discreetslaves advice and inform yourself thoroughly . . . that's the first stage in the journey

  • punkofnice

    Sorry, I came in late Youngbro but you seem to be identifying where the problem lies. Chin up kiddo. we're all here for you!!

    Who says so? Your Unky Punky says so!

  • youngbro

    Thanks!! And UNKY PUNKY!

  • talesin

    Your're gonna make it, youngbro, and I'm so happy you chose to come here for support.

  • TD

    Don't give your mind time to be depressed. Read, read read. (Easier said than done, I know...)

    My observation for whatever it's worth

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