VERY depressed

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  • talesin

    are you there, youngbro?

    < breathe in >  < breathe out >  do this a least three times, fill your lungs with air, ahh, oxygen to the brain.

    Some of my doctor's advice for lightening depression, it may help .. it helped me

    Look around you, do you have something you love to look at near you? yes, smile. breathe, don't forget to breathe.

    Can you take a walk every day, even 5 or 10 minutes?

    Maybe get yourself a treat once a week,,, a chocolae bar, favorite book, just something.

    Do something for yourself, just a small thing, every day.

    If you can, volunteer, if you can't ,, go feed the ducks ,,, be around animals,,, they will love you unconditionally.

    Cry if you want to,,, it is a medically proven fact that we need it!

    Now, are you still breathing? Good... I just took a deep breath myself, I was holding my breath while thinking too hard. :D

    You'll make it,,, tomorrow, you will be okay at the meeting. You will be bored, not upset. What are some mind games you can play while you are so bored?

    I know there's lots of folks reading with suggestions ....

    Then, when you get over that small blip (the KH), take some time out and make a plan to find someone to talk to,, ASAP ... is there a help line? look it up online ... it's all confidential ... a YOUTH help line is a likely possibility.

    You have a lot of folks who care about you ,, right now, right here. remember that,,, there is always someone here, but get help in your community.


  • talesin

    right on,, men have cycles, too... ayup!

  • NewChapter

    Take a fork to the meeting tomorrow. When you get bored, hold it in front of your eyes and imagine people are in jail. It would be fun to watch the study conductor through bars don't you think? Do you have a copy machine at your hall? Set it to stun!

    I read a post from someone who was at a DC---AND posting on JWN from his phone---AND reading Harry Potter!

    Everyone seems to find unique ways to deal with the meetings. LOL


  • youngbro

    Wow! Add up what that person did....They'd probably want to reprove him or her aha.

  • allelsefails

    Wow, I thought you might be my step-son. If you're having a pool party tomorrow PM me . If not Believe me I was removed as an elder - for no real reason. I fought it and was reinstated. My wife wanted to move cong. because of how she was treated, then they didn't recommend me for appointment. No prob for me. I was told by CO that I could "keep doing what I was doing" and I waould be reappointed soon. I told them NO THANKS. No more elder - no more hypocrisy. (not that all elders are bad some I love very much).

    All peace to you bro.

  • allelsefails

    It is only a flesh wound - thanks Monty Python.

  • NewChapter

    Youngbro The funny part of that story was that his wife was still very much in during the convention. SHE ENDED UP HERE about a year later and revived that post---that was how I got to read it for the first time. It was sooooo funny because she remembered trying to talk to him about some point during the DC and he looked at her like he didn't know what she was talking about! NOW she knew why and he was so busted!

    He responded by saying yes it was awful. He was a forty-something man reading Harry Potter.--Something like that. I wish I could find the thread, but it really made me smile.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Scuze me. I just had to chase a fox out of the hen house.

    Hang on for the ride,

    It gets better.

    Welcome to the forum Youngbro.

    I wish I had worked it out when I was a youngun.

    Once I realised that the WT was never selected as Jehovah's mouthpiece, I knew that WT god was never going to drag himself out of the privey and kill me for just being me. Until then, I had been playing Russian Roulet with an unloaded gun, waiting for their god to kill me. ***face palm***

    Stick around and ask whatever you like.


  • shepherd

    Please ignore visitor 525's comments about demons - that's total and utter garbage. Next will they advise you to apply leaches and drink holy water? Demons?????? What the fu$% century did you come out of?

  • Free!!

    Sorry you are feeling that way.. i do understand believe me! but also, i have found this place is full of comforting people, talk to us, we listen (well, read) and most of us wont judge you.... we understand where you are coming from....

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