VERY depressed

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  • NewChapter

    Seriously Visitor---you are not simply spouting toxic beliefs---you could actually hurt someone. That's about enough out of you. Choose a different thread.


  • Retrovirus

    Hi Youngbro, I've had a few rounds of depression myself. Though I'm not a jw, what i've found is that each preceded a fairly major change on my life path.

    now whatever the cause(s), depression is simply a treatable illness. In addition to meds, I was greatly helped by RET counselling, and would recommend a good counsellor to anyone. Also excercise helps (especially when I least feel like it!) and relaxation CDs. You can't be stressed once your body is relaxed. Even just a few deep breaths help.

    Finally if you are not well, you should not be guilted into going to meetings, fs or having deep conversations with elders, or anything else that you don't feel up to.

    Take care of yourself, and as you recover your balance, things will become clearer.


  • visitor 525
    visitor 525


    not here to hate

    i see no one wants to explore that route

    i'll bow out

    keep your head up bro

  • discreetslave

    Depression has many causes and is also a symptom of many things.

    In my case being a JW was killing me. When I would reach out for therapy I'd quickly quit. I couldn't open up to the therapist. I was afraid I would bring reproach to Jehovah & his organization for being so unhappy. I opted for meds none worked. I attempted suicide 5 times. I couldn't bring myself to do it I didn't want to bring reproach to the Jehovah & his organization.

    From the day I broke free from the mind control I have been the polar opposite. I look forward to each day now.

    As others have already said try to pin point your triggers. Be honest with yourself & willing to admit it could be being a JW.

  • sizemik
    depression is not from God it is from the devil it is not a medical disease it is a demonic spirit.
    meds can help the symptoms but not cure the problem

    Please disregard these statements . . . they're crap.

    I have suffered from clinical depression / anxiety disorder. As the disorder progressed, it required constant adjustment to any medicinal regime I was on. The problem is a result of brain chemical imbalances which can fluctuate without any input from conscious thought or circumstances. Mundane things such as diet and weather can influence the condition. Depression is not a static condition . . . even as treatment is administered the condition continues to change and alter over time.

    My advice is to consult your professional. Revealing how you are feeling will indicate to them what imbalances may need addressing . . . so be open and honest with them.

    Any coping strategies you have learned . . . as well as natural ways of combatting the symptoms (mentioned above) that work for you . . . do them. I know it can be hard, because depression creates a kind of inertia, but make the effort . . . you will feel better.

    Looking for "reasons" for it beyond the chemical imbalance is fruitless, and will create uncertainty and only bring you down further. Go to the Doc as soon as you can.

    All the best my friend.

  • youngbro

    Aha, it reminds me of that group that told others that Jesus " has a demon!".

    The idea that clinical depression, which is in my case and in most cases caused by a CHEMICAL imbalance is actually caused by a demon is p reposterous and archaic. That is something that the ancients though. I thank you for trying though. I am under the treatment of a shrink as we call em, and I get this almost like a woman's period, during the last few days of the month, I get more emotional, I call it a myriad, man period. (Dont laugh haah). And no, I am not feeling suicidal, just in case anyone was wondering.

  • NewChapter

    I was wondering. And I'm glad you still got fight in ya tonight. I've suffered with depression all my life, and sometimes the things people say could confuse me. You seem to be quite clear on the important stuff! Good for you! And I'm sorry, but I just gotta laugh at the myriad---I shall use that line on my brother!


  • youngbro

    I shall forever have a fight in me, for its only a flesh wound! Well...more of an emotional and mental wounding...anyway, I am a fighter. I have suffered with this issue for over five years...and:

    Praise God! You guys are all really interested in me, not just fiegning care for me like the power greedy elders.

    As far as Tal says, I read, daily, the Bible and books like D U N E, and Dan Brown's Books, and A m i llion little pieces, and the Prince...I LOVE to read...aynthing, manuals even! Crying realeses hormones, thus getting them pesky buggers out of your system. As far as mind games;

    > How can I make every comment that the simple minds make and give them substance?

    > Count the people who are sleeping, or something

    > Write

    > Take notes of the things they say and use em against them.

    > Make fun of the crazy people there.

    Thank you all for the loving support!!!

  • sizemik

    Good to hear youngbro

    When I get those sad days . . . I honestly find the friends here on JWN are a good place to be. You always get understanding . . . and a bit of a lift. A lot of us have been there and still visit that dark room periodically . . . you're not alone my friend.

  • NewChapter

    LOL--stay grounded guy. You sound like you are dealing with things. If anything changes---you know the drill!


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