The Real Issues Facing former Jehovah's Witnesses

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    Can someone post an applause photo or icon for the dear Vampire (peace to you and GREAT cooment!) I can't do it just now but I think his comment deserves it! Peace to you all! A slave of Christ, SA

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    I loves me some Jeff! It's great to see you using your writing talents again for our benefit and - as usual - hitting the nail on the head. :)

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    You have all forgotten that I am also Jeff - the other side of his brain. The 'funny' side... muuuuhahahaha!!! MUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!! ** sips tea, starts coughing drastically, gasps **

  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    The real issue facing former Jehovah's Witnesses is who they are.

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    Perhaps we shall continue this monkey crap on the gibberish thread - the left side of my brain has made a good post, and I'll leave his thread out of the monkey war that will soon ensue...

  • OnTheWayOut

    Good points:

    I am a loner anyway, but I have lost my JW friends, so I know what you mean. My ex-JW friends are waaaaay better.

    Not my issue at all. But I read endless stuff on JWN about those that don't know what to believe or about those that filled the void in their belief system with with new worries/fears/crap.

    Self education can fill a void. We studied to be JW's (pretty much whether we learned it later in life or grew up in it) and we can study our way out of any residual beliefs about it.

    Love, sex, and how to navigate your way around all of that hot mess:
    Oh, what a problem. We all have different situations with loved ones and this is such an essential part of life that we want to "normalize" if that's even possible.

    I recognize the very real situation that many need therapy and won't ever get it. It could be financial and it could be JW loved ones preventing them. It could be a denial of the need or the feeling that only crazy people seek such help. Usually, it's probably financial here on JWN.

    So don't forget what good we all can do by keeping trolls and fundies in their place and not taking them too seriously.

    Always good advice. Thanks for the thread.

  • AllTimeJeff

    AGuest, and others (who are not named Shamus, my psychotic monkey half who is off his meds)

    I think that all of this is in the eye of the beholder. I doubt seriously that anyone comes here to GO towards god, but I respect your opinion if that is the case.

    My point was that in the face of preaching, you should really just let nature take it's course and be a resource. Sure, if you still believe in god, make your case. But surely we all realize just how personal that can be, and how upsetting the subject is....

    Beyond that, I will have to re-read my first post, but I don't have a problem with theists or theism, just tactics. It's one thing to offer a point of view, it's quite another thing to insist on it. I think the theists who spoke up on this thread speak volumes about what a potentially healthy and helpful discussion on the subject could look like.

    Also, I do believe in a higher power, my own theoretical god. She and I talk to each other regularly, and she told me that Jesus doesn't talk to cyber trolls or Billy Graham. She also is a Steelers fan, and hates monkeys. ;)

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