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  • Mary
    I'm looking for a joke about Mary's reference to Hell but it's escaping me at the moment.

    How 'bout: "I didn't realize it could get that hot inside the Kingdumb Hell"?

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    100* in my Town in Mass.

    heat index 108 ..... nothin ice cold Beers can't cure..

    So glad I just started working inside!

    Use to mow lawns in this hell.

    I remember Tom Hanks in the 80's movie Volunteers getting off a plane in Burma I think....

    His quote " Oh My God....we must be a Mile from the Sun".

  • mrsjones5

    Just got back from the San Francisco where it was unusually warm during the day (mid 80's) and very cool at night. It must have been really hot in the area that I live (Sacramento suburbia) cuz when I walked into my house at 10:30 pm last night the place was hot and I had to turn on the A/C.

  • Violia

    It is oppressively hot here ( Texas). 100+ ( actual temp) and not cooling down at night much. Most everyone that can is sitting under AC. My cats won't even go outside for a few minutes of fresh air. They just installed the new smart meter that does not require a meter reader. It is read by radio frequency. There has been some problems with these meters in south Texas ( false high readings), so I will be watching my first bill carefully. I am keeping my AC up as high as I can ( 86) ,using fans to circulate the air. There has been some talk of the electric *(power) gird being overtaxed due to the very high temps in places that don't usually see this kind of heat.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Here in Seattle today, it has hit its high at 69 (it's sunny out, too). The low tonight is predicted to be 54. Mmmmmmmm.....paradise.

  • Snoozy

    Just heard Highway K buckled in O'Fallon Missouri by St Charles Missouri.


  • Glander

    Please remember that our little friends in fur coats need lots of water & some shade if no AC can be shared. Also, when walking them, remember their pads are very sensitive to heat and can get burned on hot pavement.

  • kazar

    It is hot as hell here in Baltimore City! 105 yesterday, like a blast furnace. Horrible coming home from work at 4:30 p.m. I don't have air conditioning in my car and only two of the windows roll down. I am almost in a faint by the time I get home. It takes about 25 minutes and it's stopping every couple of blocks for red lights. I said last year during our blizzard "I don't care how hot it gets in the summer, I will not complain". Well, I guess I was a liar last winter.

  • ballistic

    It's a nice cool summer here in the UK. I have burnt in the sun once on a day out but generally overcast as I like it.

  • Heaven

    Can you say Heat Dome?!


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