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  • talesin

    Cool and breezy today ... I'm soooo happy with the weather. We've only had 2 or 3 bad days ... thank goddess for living by the sea!

    I'm sending visions of cool ocean breezes to all of you ,,, please take care.

    Glander, when I used to live downtown, would take dishes of water out to the dogs of the street kids ... poor things. That's a good reminder!


  • rebel8

    @Heaven, I had not heard the term 'heat dome'. Interesting. However the dubs will be disappointed if terms involving "armageddon" are not used ("carmageddon", etc.).

    Today it was 101 again. I don't know what the heat index was.

  • GLTirebiter
    Please remember that our little friends in fur coats need lots of water & some shade if no AC can be shared. Also, when walking them, remember their pads are very sensitive to heat and can get burned on hot pavement.

    yes, keep the water dish filled. A small wading pool helps too, so they can dip hot paws and bodies in the water.

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