Governing Body readying the Witness community

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  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    March 15th 2015 WT - QFR...

    "Dear Brothers ... It's been over 100 years since 1914. My grandfather just turned 60 and he can't remember it because it was 40 years before he was born. Can I trouble you to explain how the generation of 1914 has not passed away when I can't find one single person alive that witnessed anything so as to corroborate the Watchtower's claims?"

    Answer ....

    "Please see Oct 15th Wt of 2011 QFR. In the meantime you can trouble us for a warm glass of 'shut the hell up.'...

    So you will go to sleep or we will put you to sleep! Check out the name-tag.

    - You're in our world now.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    That WT quote is not lessening control, nor is it giving the rank and file permission to be more liberal.

    What they are saying is that they are not willing to analyze and answer all questions that HAVE NOT been considered in the literature.

    That also means by extension that all questions ALREADY considered, are seen to be answered, discussion over.

    I see it as basically, ''don't bother us with nonsensical musings anymore... If it's impoertant we have already given you the rule, go look it up."


  • steve2

    AllTimeJeff,your hypothesis is very interesting:I hadn't thought of that beofre now. Even so, I really don't think these ageing bozos are capable of standing back and doctrinally planning anything further than a gnat's breath downtrack. I suspect it'll be more of the same for the grim rank and file. There's no one on board the GB who has the capacity or will to clarify let alone correct any of their time-expired doctrines.

    As flata realization as it appears, this is really and truly a case of the blind leading the blind.And no one has the nerve to get laser surgery!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    AllTimeJeff - I think your comment could be pretty close to the truth. They're preparing themselves for 'the END' all right, but on the other side isn't a New System- just a reinvented religion and A LOT of heartbreak.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    As far as their ability to handle correspondence, it's a huge bureaucracy. Letters coming in to Writing Correspondence have to be scanned, converted to text, names indexed, then it might be handled. It can take many months if it's something they actually decide to research. Frankly, it can take months if they pull from the database of previously used answers, doctor it to include a quote from the original letter, and then go through dozens of proofreading and approvals. And a lot of the times they send a copy of the letter to the local congregation elders with instructions to handle the matter.

    Service Department will be much more specific about handling letters from the BoE and CO/DOs. But they use lots of form letters, cut-and-paste, too. Usually if you try to call in, you get an idiot that basically tells you to write a letter.

    None of this "questioning correspondence" stuff is what the GB wants. They want unquestioning obedience and adoration. Any questions should be handled by the underlings in the congregations. Problem is, the elders have no time or training to handle intelligent questions. They're unpaid, untrained, janitors. And any elders that actually care about people and want to do what's right are getting completely burned out. And the GB can't seem to figure out why.

  • undercover

    Good thread... good blog, Marv.

    Marking to find easier later

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