Governing Body readying the Witness community

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    What Billy said.

  • sizemik

    I continue to feel that this is part of a strategic withdrawal from their whole misguided blood doctrine. It began with the changes in 2000 which opened up the growing myriad of blood-derived products for legitimate use, effectively mainly banning emergency and surgically required whole blood transfusions. But scripturally it was a massive step away from the mosaic recommendations as to the disposal of blood as something symbolically sacred.

    This move is another slight and subtle distancing by allowing a little more room for conscience-based decisions and not having to re-state the doctrine in current publications. As time goes by up to date information will no longer be available . . . so unscriptural use of blood will be more easily excused as the doctrinal restrictions become older and more out of date . . . therefore less available and familiar to new recruits and young adults born in.

    My take is that those at the top finally concluded prior to 2000 that the doctrine was seriously flawed . . . and formulated a staged, tactical withdrawal from the doctrine. As older ones die off, less and less members will have lived with the older forms of the doctrine and further watering down becomes easier.

    It has to be done this way to avoid the mass disaffection which would result from a sweeping change, effectively saying "we've been wrong about this all along" Those immediately effected by such a profound change would react angrily and the ensuing lawsuits would be financially fatal.

    This is planned and deliberate, to enable a complete dropping of the doctrine by around 2016-2018, allowing a new wave of induction not inibited by an indefensible unscriptual teaching. It's a business planning to survive.

    Other unfavorable doctrines based on dates are getting the same treatment . . . staged withdrawal to minimise disaffection. At the same time they will hold on to scriptual teachings that favor indoctrination . . . last days, paradise earth, living forever etc. unfettered by dates but always imminent.

  • Damn The Watchtower
    Damn The Watchtower

    It appears that they are likely getting ready to do away with the QFR section. If the publishers are being encouraged not to send in questions then the QFR section has no purpose. Of course the reality is that the question box was more often than not used by the Watchtower writers themselves to get a point across.

    The quality of writing has without a doubt much degraded. It is no surprise, then, that a flood of hard to answer questions would pose a challenge to an organization that has difficulty putting together well written and researched articles on the simplest of topics. All Witnesses, my brothers and sisters, should ask themselves why Jehovah has allowed the writing department to degrade so badly. There are two kinds of spirit involved in a religious life; Jehovah's spirit and the individual's own spirit, his own motivating desire to dig deeper into God's word. But he must be free do so. Frederick Franz had that freedom, he had a personal motivation to dig into scripture, to move forward, to enjoy whatever fruits he himself sought. But it seems that today the writers have little to no freedom and therefore motivation, no one who may have the desire to move forward is allowed to do so. Therefore the material is continually repeated and repackaged per the directions of the Governing Body. If the Governing Body were able to move forward they would but not having that ability themselves they are reluctant to allow others at Bethel to do so in their name.

    Inertia is the word of the day, they are waiting for something but I don't believe they have faith they will receive it- ironic.

  • designs


    Good observation, the Watchtower was using the QFR to really be a Service Meeting Needs of the Congregation segment.


    'staged withdrawal to minimize disaffection' isn't that what all Christian religions are forced to do to retain members. They have to put Pink Paint on the harsh words in the NT, every group that goes hardline winds up like Camping's Group or Harvest Crusade. Methodists: 'come to our Pot Luck the Meatloaf is fine'.

  • Pistoff

    This 2 track phenomenon, stating what real 'christians' do and then saying it is up to you, is something I first noticed with a QFR on working in churches in the mid to late 90's; the article first states that each 'christian' must do what he feels is right, but then goes on to paint those who do as being involved with BTG.

    It asks all sort of qualifying questions, like who issues the check, is it a one time work, would someone who drives by and sees us painting, roofing, etc, think that we agree with the church.

    It is really a bad piece of writing, very unclear.

    It was followed up by a similarly unclear QFT on voting; this article says that 'christians' remain neutral, but added that we don't know what others situation is, perhaps a sister is required by her worldly husband to vote, so if we see her going into a voting booth we should not judge.

    The reality is if you vote and they find out, they will disfellowship you.

    Is it intentional, or just bad writing? Are they paving the way for taking a hard line later, and want to be able to mine their own articles for quotes, as they have done with the overlapping generation concept?

    Either way, it was one the things that contributed to the cognitive dissonace that drove me out. The child sexual abuse/2 witness policy was the last straw.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't see the Borg lightening up on their doctrines.

    I see them using the alleged freedom of conscience implied by the answer to that particular question to become even more hardline on things they are intransigent about.

    Here's what their view is: "If it is in the Watchtower, it is from GOD and you better obey it. If it is not, don't bother us with it."

    They're going to be even more black and white. I don't see a liberalization of the Borg for at least another 25 years unless there is a black swan event.

  • designs

    Pistoff- During the last Congressional Election I wanted to support a local candidate which was fine, the News Showed up for a Photo-Shoot so there I was Front Page with arm around the Candidate!

    I guess there's no going back now

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    They have been doing this for decades. This is nothing new. They have often printed an article, saying in effect at the end of that article; "Christians then need to use their God-given conscience to make choices in this matter that will please Jehovah, even though the Bible does not comment on this matter directly." This has usually followed two pages of 'strong' advice against or for a certain course of conduct, making it clear which choice the Watchtower Society expects you to make.

    I used to know a Watchtower Study Conductor who was famous for shutting up audience questions with 'I am assigned by the Society to propound the questions. We do not answer them from the platform, we ask them!'. He had been well trained by an organization that did the same thing. - "Shut up and quit asking why, what, when and how! We will tell you when you need to know. Wait on Jehovah!"

    As far as doing so from the service desk - in the early 80's I sent the Society a question about what the local brotherhood was demanding was a 'change' in Watchtower thinking on the matter of hunting and guns. The letter I received 'referred' me back to a Watchtower article from 20 years previous.

    So, in this, IMO, there is nothing new here.


  • Pistoff
    Pistoff- During the last Congressional Election I wanted to support a local candidate which was fine, the News Showed up for a Photo-Shoot so there I was Front Page with arm around the Candidate!

    I voted in 2008, but I was paranoid, looking all directions going in and out. How pathetic.

  • metatron

    Again, I repeat, they don't have manpower for this and don't want to be bothered with it. Beyond that, let's keep the Watchtower's global position in mind: a superficial empire thinly stretched across the earth, with a minimum of financial support to keep it all going.

    To survive amidst so many different nations (including the mildly hostile French and Russians) they must craft careful lies and deceptions to protect themselves. They dump titles like "Presiding Overseer" in favor of "Coordinator" to try to hide the strict chain of command that could get them sued up the ladder into 'deep pockets'. They say that elders are not clergy while their lawyers demand clerical privilege for elders.

    So, they want to avoid being pinned down on anything while using a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" system especially involving the Circuit Overseers as their Internal Security agents.

    The same goes for doctrine that doesn't threaten any legal action such as 1914 or a host of other asserted nonsense. It's the truth and that's that.

    Keep in mind, also that they are closing down Branch Offices across the globe - and that means fewer people to answer correspondence.

    Another factor to think about is who are sending these questions? I wonder if it's foreign Witnesses because US Witnesses are too braindead to do any real thinking anymore. The "Dick and Jane" Awake mentality has taken over as demonstrated by the type of debate (or the lack thereof) on this and other sites. Witnesses who used to fight 'apostates' have abandoned the field of battle, generally.


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