Growing up a Jehovah's Witness - New Video

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Overall I liked the video, and agree with the others about the text/narration issues...

    I think this video would be effective for anyone not already in the org. or someone with very serious doubts who's practically out anyway.

    As far as swaying anyone who's 'in', cognitive bias/dissonance would kick in and their BRAIN=OFF.

    Being basically raised JW (but in a 'divided household') the serious tone of the video rings true, but I think there's something to be said for humor's role in opening eyes to the ABSURDITY of this religion.

    For that reason, I REALLY LIKE the YouTuber who put out the cartoons of the WT study, Family Worship Night etc. (not sure how to make a link, but I think you know who I mean. Does he/she post here?)

    BTW - I LOVE LOVE LOVE JWFACTS. It is awesome. Thank you!!!

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Hello, great video. Your work has been a key part of my waking up.

    A couple of suggestions:

    The quote from the 8/1/1966 WT is actually the WT's quote of a newspaper article. That should be clarified, I think.

    Also, maybe a mention of the hours spent being indoctrinated as a born-in. How would it compare to hours spent in elementary school? Make sure to tally field service and assemblies and conventions. Outsiders cannot fully appreciate how immersive this cult is. It might help.

    As a tongue-in-cheek, use AC/Dc's Jailbreak song with the ending credits. You can start with Bon Scott saying "He made it out - with a bullet in his back." This segues to the chorus.

    But, yes, loved it - I am going to pass it on to close friends.

  • sizemik

    Excellent video Paul . . . once again the freedom of information via the internet has changed things immeasurably.

    I liked how you tied in the need for education to include critical thinking skills . . . a simple solution to this problem , and a great many other choices facing young people today. It's always a nice balance to offer practical solutions. I can see this video and others like it (hint hint) having great value to this end.

    Well done to you.

  • jwfacts

    Thank you for all the great comments.

    the difference between the written quotes and audio quotes is distracting.

    I was wondering if that would be considered an issue. Due to time constraints the entire quotes cannot be read, so I like the idea of highlighting the words that are read. It is actually a lot of extra work to do though in Final Cut, as you cannot just select and bold the text.

    I will also look at matching up the music and levels better as well.

    reconsider the use of CAPS

    Caps are by far the easiest way to highlight text in Final Cut. Since I need to go back and highlight the spoken word I will reconsider the caps as well.

    Gayle, your discussion of what children go through is very well put. It really deserves to be read more. I may take it and add it to one of my articles.

    Mr Quik - I don't live in New York, I live in Sydney. I would love to live there though and thoroughly enjoyed it when I visited.

    I forwarded a link to my therapist to help her understand.

    That is a great idea. A video is easier for them than reading material, and she would never really comprehend the Watchtower upbringing, or trust your perception of things until seeing the quotes in black and white.

    As far as swaying anyone who's 'in', cognitive bias/dissonance would kick in and their BRAIN=OFF.

    That is always going to be an issue, and I haven't worked out any easy way around it. Humour is a great tool, but different people and cultures vary widely in what is considered humour, so the more people that can work on projects from different angles the better. Cognitive dissonace will still stop an active JW translating humour or satire into recognising the religion is not "the truth".

  • Free!!

    loved it!!!

  • 30 years out
    30 years out


    I enjoyed it this very much. It is very well put together and presented with dignity and style. If it helps even one person it is worth your effort.


  • Kahlua

    An excellent piece of work. I sent it to several people already.

    I also had a little problem with Lance only reading parts of the quotes but figured it might be a time issue.

    One other thing I noticed was when you played the talk by Ciro. The background music and noises covered up a lot of what he was saying. If he could be the main focus that would be great. What he says is very important is showing how rediculous they are.

    Also had a problem hearing Charles S. too. Maybe it's just my hearing.

    One last thing - the baptism questions. The screen fades out too soon - before Lance is finished reading the second question which is the most important one.

  • SixofNine

    Looking very good so far; I like the concept. I'll watch the whole thing later.

    One flaw to point out though, I'm at 1:30 in and your music is stepping all over your voice; you should definitely scale the music back after the first few seconds - it's only there to set a mood.

  • scary21

    Great job! I too was listening for that last line in the baptism questions........couldn't make out the last word.....

  • jwfacts

    The sound bite I have of the baptism questions cuts off early. If anyone has a better quality recording I would love a copy.

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