Terrible Analogy at a Convention

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  • jwfacts

    Run Forrest Run.

    Good find Bangalore. In 2009 it was a yard from the line, now its an inch. On that time line is Geoff suggesting that the end is going to be this year?

    The analogy would have fit better if Geoff mentioned that the guy stopped because he ran ahead of the organisation and got to the line too soon, and so had to wait for them to overlap the field with another field, so that he could keep running for another generation.

  • designs


    If the Running Back gets to far ahead of the Blockers its called Self-Glorification....can't have that in Mother Org..

  • Scully

    Considering that the WTS started the football game in 1874, with goalposts being moved from 1914 to 1925 to 1935 to 1975, it might as well be light-years away with the current overlapping generation teaching.

    They can do whatever the f*** they want with the goalposts, while still saying "It's closer than you think! RUN, IDIOT, RUN!!!"

    Well at least Jackson was honest about his opinion of the R&F. I'll give him props for that, even if it's totally rude.

  • Terry

    It is a SUNK COST FALLACY. Meaning: you've wasted so much of your time, energy and life to get to the imaginary goal line you need to waste the rest or you'll lose what you've sunk into this investment so far.

    In Gambler's anonymous they teach that this fallacy is what addicts people past all sense of loss or gain.

    Further, it is the Watchtower Asymptote. And asymptote is a curved line continually approaching a straight line WITHOUT EVER coming within a finite distance.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are aimed at that straight line "event" getting closer and closer and closer. Entire generations have died along the way. Their cold, dead, lifeless corpses pile up on the roadway and overlap!

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    The dubs have being on the 1inch yard line for the last 150 years. A few weeks back I met my ex brother in law that I hadn't seen for a few years. He said to me, oh I know we have been saying this for years but this system can't last another year... I have known him for about 45 years now and the same tired story I have heard from him from day one.... You would think he would learn. I recall him saying that before 1975 that we would not finish the year out in this old system.

  • designs


    You just triggered 5 decades of memory from a fresh perspective- wooah, it'll take some time to digest it all, thanks.

  • luna2

    I'm with steve2...the WTS is constantly moving the stinking goalposts and changing the rules. The dumb dubs are running around in circles because they don't know what game they are even playing any more.

  • designs


    Take heart, everytime those goalposts are changed thousands more leave.

  • therevealer

    I didn't read each entry so someone may have dealt with this. B U T didn't he refer to some of them as being idiots?

    That's where you are. This system is dying. We're the event. The universe is watching. We're at the one inch line and some are stopping and looking around and wondering where we are in the stream of time.

    RUN!! IDIOT!!! RUN!!!

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    That actually happened when USC played Notre Dame. Reggie Bush stopped running, so Matt Leinart had to push him in the rest of the way.

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