Terrible Analogy at a Convention

by ApostateDance 53 Replies latest jw friends

  • therevealer

    keyser soze - know there's your perfect analogy. The governing body, Your governing body along with the faithful slave is trying to push you the rest of the way!! Run, Idiot, Run!!

  • Gayle

    Their "game" never ends. Their players are dying out there. Their GB coach forever holds them back. Their players/team never wins. Boring game.

  • Quarterback

    No, No, The football player stops and says, "I'm not worthy, I don't do enough field service, I don't attend the pracitice sessions at the meetings, I'm not even baptised to enter into the goal line. Do I have enough time left to change that?" TACKLEDDDDD

  • poppers

    The WTS hides the goal posts, you don't know if you're a yard away or 50 yards away. And just when you think you're close, they move the goal post.

    Now that's a good analogy.

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