Terrible Analogy at a Convention

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  • AwareBeing

    Billy; my family loves your sense of humor! The way you described WT theology fits them to a tee.

    It also reminds me of sci-fi shows where people are trapped in a 'time-loop'.

    Some of us on this thread might also enjoy the "Parallels-to-The-Borg-movies" thread.

  • Knowsnothing

    Here's another I heard, not too long ago (probably last year).

    The speaker spoke about a boxing match and compared it to the world.

    The JW's are in a boxing match everyday, going out to work and being "influenced by this world".

    They take their hits, and just as soon as they are about to colapse, the round ends and they take a break.

    The break, or end of the round, are the meetings, publications, prayer, field service, etc.

    They come out rejuvenated, ready to hit the world.

    The assemblies are a "big rejuvenation". Be thankful for this assembly. Wish we could stay here forever and ever. Too bad we have to

    go back to the real world.

    The end.

    What other violent sports are they going to make analogies out of? Prison fights? Russian roullette?

  • Ding

    First, the universe doesn't care what JWs are doing.

    Second, the runner could have made better progress the coaches hadn't had him "tacking in the wind" by changing the game plan and giving him "new light" instructions every couple of yards.

    Third, why is that coach standing on the sideline criticizing the players instead of getting in the game himself?

    Fourth, why does the clock never seem to reach 0:00?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    And was the runner at an Imperial Inch or a Pyramid Inch?

    That really can make all the difference.

  • Jim_TX

    The sad thing is that most JWs like to think of themselves as Jesus, and making deep meaningful 'parables' for all of the uninformed ones.

    Their parables - or analogies usually sound silly if one really thinks about it.

    In this one, the fella is mixing two different things - time and distance. Of course the average JW will not realize this and think the fella is a genius.

    I got seperated from my first wife once, and a JW friend visited me to try to encourage me to go back to her (which I did, for another 20 years).

    His 'parable' went something like this...

    I had been working on building my very own 'personal' computer. This was back when the IBM PC wasn't 'born yet. I was building my computer from a kit. I was expanding it little by little, until it got to be too much, and the VIC-20 came along. I bought a used one, and transferred my interests in programming over to it.

    Anyway... this 'elder' knew of my building my computer, and he started making his 'parable'...

    (I'm paraphrasing it, as it was a very long time ago - but this is the gist of what he said.)

    "You know, when you are building your computer, you just don't abandon it."

    At this point, he was pointing to my little VIC-20 that was sitting on the table. I started grinning like a fool. He stopped, and asked me "What is it?"

    "Nothing", I replied, knowing that I _had_ abandoned my first efforts at building a computer, in favor of one that was smaller and had more computing power than I could ever hope to squeeze out of my attempts. "...continue."

    He continued, "Well, you work with what you have, and work to make it better."

    I thanked him for his stopping by, and he left - not knowing that his 'parable' just proved my point, rather than his.

    I'm sure that he used that same analogy when he went out to buy his next new car.

    Thanks Karl.


    Jim TX

  • ziddina

    Well, now we know that dear Brother Jackson of the Governing Body would rather be watching football than wasting his time at one of those idiotic conventions...

    Oh, wait...

    Those idiotic conventions PAY FOR HIS LIFESTYLE. So, I guess he's stuck giving talks in the heat instead of knocking back a cold brew while watching football at his favorite sports bar...

  • jamiebowers

    I tink it was a very nasty way of criticizing any jw who is a real thinker.

  • ziddina

    Yes, Jamie, that's it exactly... The Watchtower Society wants followers who run wherever and whenever the Gov.Bod tells them to...


  • SouthCentral

    Stupid analogy?

    He decides to use the greatest college football team in an illustration and you evil apostates complain?

    You will all be destroyed for that one!!!

    ........and Vince Young's knee was DOWN!!!



  • Bangalore

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