I hate JW jargon!!! (Alternatives please!)

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  • TotallyADD

    I agree with you Vampire. When I was in as a elder I would tell others the word worldly was wrong to use. Because it was a prejudice viewpoint against ones who were not JW. It would always stop the one I was talking to in their tracks. They would think about it and usually agree with me. Even then I was unconsciously questioning this cult. Totally ADD

  • Chariklo


    I was very surprised when I discovered that JW's call parables "illustrations". I mean why, for goodness' sake?

  • MrMonroe

    "The convention was encouraging" = "I attended the convention. Right now I can't think of anything I learned or was actually interested in. But I want you to know I was there."

    "They're blinded by Satan" = "They just won't swallow this shit like I did."

    "Immorality" = "Screwing around"

    "Self-abuse" = "wanking"

    "Wait on Jehovah" = Shut the fuck up.

    "A test of our faith" = "A test of how far you'll stay obedient to us when every sense of logic tells you it's bullshit."

    "Marry only in the Lord" = "Marry another JW. That means if one of you does the wrong thing, we'll always have an informer."

    "The slave" = "Your ruler."

  • bigmac

    back in the late 60's----"BEHOOVE"----spewd forth from the magazine.

    we went out on field service--no--not farming --but door-knocking----it was called "the EFFORT"---

    ---then it became "the RENDEZVOUS FOR SERVICE"

    for krice sake.

  • Podobear

    A Privilege: A responsibility nobody else wants

  • luna2

    They love their special words, phrases and meanings...it sets them apart from the crowd and makes them feel part of a club. I'm almost surprised they don't have a secret handshake

  • EmptyInside
  • EmptyInside

    Oh,I accidentially hit submit when I had nothing to submit,carry on. lol.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Headship Principle/Submission - can you tell I was at a witness wedding this weekend? Why can't a man and woman simply love and respect each other and cooperate together to create a good life for themselves?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    sheep - JW's

    Goats - all non-jws

    Field Service - slave labor

    kingdom melodies - Really Bad wan't to be music!

    Kingdom hall - A building that a cult owns

    quick build - no it takes a year like any other building

    The new system - a pipe dream that they all made up

    the "real" life - cult mind controled

    spiritually weak - starting to think

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