I hate JW jargon!!! (Alternatives please!)

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  • VampireDCLXV

    All of us who have any ties to the JWs know that they have their own vernacular, their own slang. Sure, there are formal titles that we can't really get away from: Pioneer, Ministerial Servant, Elder, ______ Overseer, Governing Body, The (Watchtower) Society, etc. BUT there are plenty of other bits of parlance they use that I can do without...

    For example:

    Apostate: Ooooooooh!!! I HATE this one! I refuse to call myself that, especially since I no longer believe in any one "true path". I prefer to say that I'm a former JW, ex-JW, a Conscientious Objector or the like...

    Disfellowshipping: The JWs are a pathetic excuse for a fellowship if you ask me. How about the proper term for it?: Shunning...

    Worldly: This term is more commonly used in the context of life's experience and sophistication than lack of religion or "spirituality". How about non-JW or Normal instead?

    The Truth: The truth? Really? It's all a pack of lies and we know it! I just prefer to call it The JW Religion, The Watchtower Religion, The (Watchtower) Publishing Corporation, The (JW) Cult, etc...

    Illustration: WTF? I though an illustration was supposed to be a friggin' drawing or something. I prefer to use the word Analogy...

    Experience: Way different usage than is common in non JW circles. Better to use the word Reenactment...

    Isn't it about time we started using some different vocabulary here?

    Any others you folks might care to add? Please discuss...


  • blondie

    worldly = non-jw

    The Truth = The Lie

    df'ing = excommunication

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I like your alternatives V665. I use "normal" instead of "worldly" pretty regularly. I also use ex-JW or former-JW often, but I don't avoid apostate - rather I embrace it. To a Dub, an apostate is THEM in their us-vs.-them worldview. To me, an apostate is US in the ex-JW world, especially one who is active in the ex-Dub community. It's a badge of honor and identity among ourselves. So to me, the word depends on the situation.

    For "the truth" I like to say "the Borg."

  • ABibleStudent

    "Loves Jehovah" = blindly serves the WTBTS

    "Godless" = not a JW and does not blindly serve the WTBTS

    "Christian Conscience" = indoctrinated in the WTBTS doctrines

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • AwareBeing

    Some of the terms our family is using are (in your order):

    "former JW's, dis fellowed, others, God's truth, example, and circumstance."

    We've only been out for nearly 3 years , so we're still in the process of linguistically change.

    Though it seems so long ago, the painful memories of whats been do those we've known is still so fresh.

  • GLTirebiter

    Disfellowshipping: emotional blackmail

  • VampireDCLXV

    Another couple I though of...

    System of Things: Present World Order, Present State of Affairs

    Fleshly Brother/Sister: (BLECH! ) Sibling I refuse to call any JW brother or sister anymore! They are NOT my fucking family!


  • AwareBeing

    Yeah, we have adjusted those too: " the world/the governments or/the politicians, and

    brother/sister (for our real ones). If we write about JW's we type it as: "bro's/sis's."

  • EmptyInside

    Faithful Slave-7 men in Brooklyn,lol.


    Witnesses use a lot of abbreviations too,like MS,COBE,CO,etc. I don't abbreviate things anymore.

    I'm still trying to figure out what publication is CF,anyone know? It was on the oral review,they can't just call it a review,ugh.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    CF is the abbreviation for "Come Be My Follower" Emptyinside.

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