I hate JW jargon!!! (Alternatives please!)

by VampireDCLXV 61 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • EmptyInside

    Remember never to call the yearly convention an assembly or you'll get chewed out. You can no longer use the term the Society,it's now Faithful Slave or Organization.

    It's no longer New Order,it's New World,or whatever.

    Just some new terms,like old timers say back call,return visits. Circuit Servants are now Overseers,or in other words,elder wrangler,lol.

    And presiding overseers now have the long awkward term of Coordinator of the Body of Elders, or COBE.

  • Jim_TX

    I think that I've figured out their "light keeps getting brighter" and "new light" definitions...

    You see... the only time I've ever seen a lightbulb 'get brighter' was just before it burnt out - pretty much like a flashbulb.

    You then need a 'new light'.

    This explains why/how they keep changing their 'lights'.


    Jim TX

    P.S. I apologize it's not up to the higher standards of most of the posts on this thread.

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