Unrest in the Governing Body

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    Is that a compliment? Are you confusing me with Jim Jones or David Koresh?

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    I don't need people like Losch, Splane, and Lett in my life.

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    wheres caleb?

    With all due respect to those that have been damaged, hurt, or just deceived by this pathetic group of narcissists; what credit do they really deserve? The only power these people have is the power their followers give them.

    Do you believe in 'divine providence' or not? This religion kept people hostage for decades believing that their interpretation of the scriptures was correct and continued to perpetuate that despite a history of false predictions.

    Analyzing the personalities of the current members of the Governing Body may be fascinating to some but what does it matter?

    I met different members of the GB over the years, so what? I have also met very sincere followers and very deceitful people that serve as elders within this delusional group.

    Just because they have 'belief', doesn't make them right. They have been proven wrong by 'reality'.

    Loesch, Splane, Lett, Pierce, Jackson, Franz, Schroeder, Knorr, ... and so it goes. Who are they? If you really understand the bible, they are nothing. If they are really sincere servants of Jehovah, they would agree.

  • godrulz

    False prophets, false teachers, deceived, and deceiving.

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    I just heard Gerrit Lo(e)sch (GB) at the local Convention give the closing talk. I was there as Daniel in the lion's den (outnumbered 9,000:1, though with God, it was 1+infinity:9000). Not only was the talk long, boring, speculative, it was one of the worst e.g. of Bible exegesis I have ever heard (and these are the guys that are controlling millions and ruining countless lives and supposedly getting direction from Jehovah?!). He claimed to prove that Jesus began ruling in 1914 from Rev. 6 because WW I started (not what Russell originally taught under the same holy spirit sic direction?). This is the same logic as 2000 years of speculation about who the Antichrist is. One can read any event/date into the passage (WW II, etc.) and have as much proof as 1914. He wrongly identified the white horse as Jesus instead of the Antichrist, a rookie mistake most exegetes in Christendom would not make. He used Acts 24:15 to try to justify a post-Trib resurrection instead of the Great White Throne judgment at the end of the 1000 years. He said understanding of truth gets better, but does not change (which does not fit the radical changes on this topic since Russell). 1935 was supposedly when they figured out the great crowd understanding. Now the 10 toes don't mean anything and the feet are Anglo-American (another speculative error). The U.N. is thrown into the mix. Stats were given on how many publishers there are, baptized/week (5700), but not on the many who leave the organization. He shared testimonies about people who found the truth with illustrations from the Vietnam era?! Are there not modern e.g. of changed lives? He also talked about someone in Africa from decades ago who converted?! 'The outline encourages us to read...'. The GB guy could not even talk off the cuff, but had to stay close to a scripted outline. Then he started reading the WT 'The WT says....'. When he did point to a verse, it was often out of context. I have heard better preaching from new Christians when I went to Bible College. Any of my profs could preach circles around this guy. Any given Sunday in many local Christian churches will give more solid, dynamic preaching than this lecture/pep talk. I share his general desire for the kingdom, but there was virtually no mention of the more important thing, the King of the kingdom. His details are all messed (Rev. 6-19 is all yet future Trib. with no historical fulfillment yet; 1914 is a false foundation).

    Any more good and bad on this guy? I consider it somewhat noteworthy as a student of WT/JWs to have heard GB in person, but I found it hard to not cringe and roll my eyes as I fought back tears for the precious people who have to endure the lie (vs the Truth).

    I found it odd that people clapped after his closing prayer (instead of participating as he prayed). He left with a wave like a celebrity and disappeared into the night. I bet he makes more money than most Christendom clergy.

  • NewChapter

    ex·e·ge·sis (ks-jss)

    n.pl.ex·e·ge·ses (-sz) Critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text ex·e·gete (ks-jt) also ex·e·ge·tist (ks-jtst) n. A person skilled in exegesis.

    Pentecostal ?

    by melvin » Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:55 am

    I was raised in the Pentecostal Church and mentally I suffered for years because of it.As a young impressionable child I was exposed to all the supernatural hokus pokus that this denomination embraces.I was always a sensitive child so the speaking in unknown tongues,the congregation falling to the floor in what appeared to be eptiletic seizures terrified me.The claims of persons hearing the voice of God lead me to believe that I was hearing the voice of God.A voice that would tell me horrible things like how I was going to die in my sleep that night because I had commited some sort of sin.I was really mentally screwed up well into my adult years.But thanks to the Free Thinkers section of the library I stumbled across a book by a Psychiatrist who stated that the Pentecostal Church was a magnet for persons suffering from Schizophrenia.My Dad who has been a tithe paying Pentecostal for 50 years now and talks of hearing the voice of God,well I finally realized it was only the ramblings of someone suffering from Schizophrenia.My question now is,was the voice I heard Schizophrenia or was it the result of the indoctrination of the Pentecostal Cult? I no longer hear the voice and I am so repulsed by anything supernatural that I am now a Atheist.

  • Quarterback

    I hope one of these guys figures it out and writes a another book. We are due for another C.O.C.

    There I go dreaming again.

  • godrulz

    newchapter: you sound like you were in a more extreme group vs conservative, classical Pentecostal (even within classic groups, any given local church/leader can be wild or calm). The problem is not with God, the Bible, Pentecostalism, but with your personal issues, lack of teaching/counsel/balance, etc. My dad had schizophrenia. I am a paramedic and understand this. Just because you heard things that were not from God does not mean Jesus, Paul, early Christians, modern Pentecostals hear nothing ever. You should reject the demonic supernatural that you may have experienced, but this is no excuse to reject the divine, godly supernatural. Is this not reasonable/fair?

    Regardless, I am sorry for your struggles and trust you will gain a handle and perspective on things that will be more realistic and less reactionary.

  • NewChapter

    Oh that wasn't me. I was just researching Pentecostals. Sorry for the confusion. I found that on a website addressing different cults.


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