Unrest in the Governing Body

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  • flipper

    In my opinion- Anthony Morris appears to be a psycho. When I read about him ranting in some talk at last years District Convention that he'd be more prepared to see dead bodies on the alleged battlefield at Armageddon due to his war experience at Vietnam - I wanted to hurl my lunch right there. Talk about classless and twisted. From what I have read about this current crop of GB members it seems this guy may be the next Ted Jaracz clone in the making. A truly dangerous power mongering control freak

  • dozy

    I would disagree with one of the posters - these guys believe in the whole JW concept 100%. They also believe that they are going to heaven when they die & rule as kings immortally with Jesus. Delusional? Maybe. Sincere? I would assume so.

    To me they are just a typical body of elders - a collection of some decent guys , a couple of self righteous jerks & a few useless "do sod all" characters. Unlike a body of elders , nobody tells these men what to do and they are surrounded by adoring sycophantic individuals , and to top that they have no interaction with "the world" and have no need to earn any money so have an incredibly "ivory tower" existence.

    As the WTBTS has grown & becoming increasingly just a large corporate , my feeling is that the GB are essentially somewhat marginal characters - the elderly "life Chairman" of a corporate body. Doctrinally there is nothing new - just an occasional tinkering around with the generation or some "new thought" on a vague scripture in the Psalms. Like any large corporate that has long since lost its way , the real drivers are the lawyers and hedge fund managers behind the scenes , pushing for Bethel closures & new buildings and endeavouring to insulate from paedophile lawsuits.

  • godrulz

    There is evidence that at least one or a few feel the whole thing needs to be blown up and they really don't believe all the stuff they expect everyone else to. God does not run a worldwide project with a few fallible men who flip flop, vote, etc., especially ones that have core biblical truth so wrong. They are no better than the Mormon organization and its false prophets. Catholics have some parallels, but at least they have a more biblical doctrine of God/Christology (but too many extra/contrabiblical traditions). There is probably more division and corruption than most will ever know at Bethel. The good news is that all who follow Jesus as YHWH will see and rule with Christ in a glorified body. There will be billions in heaven, not just 144 K (counting miscarriages, abortions, child deaths, believers through the ages; the only ones on earth will be those who survive Armageddon in physical bodies).

  • WontLeave

    This just in: The "new world" of the Bible will be a handful of people who survive Armageddon ruled over by billions of miscarriages and aborted fetuses. Meanwhile, other billions who didn't believe in the man-made dogma of the Trinity will be burning in Hell for eternity. Thank you fundie Baptist and Pentecostal freaks for driving exponentially-increasing numbers of people to atheism with your bizarre beliefs. Go handle some more snakes and roll around in the aisles while babbling like an infant. That's what Jesus would do.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    godrulz, how many threads are you going to hijack? don't you get that nobody want's to read your spam?

  • Joliette

    I can attest to what Flipper said about Anthony Morris. I've listened to some of his talks, and he seems like a wannabe bad-ass watchtower hype man. I watched the second DVD and he came across as wanting to lash out but trying to hold back.

    He actually said during one of his talks that people are lying on JW's about the child abuse, that we've never moved elders around after they found out that they were molesting children, that everybody is lying on them, because apostates are trying to keep them from the truth.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I still go back-and-forth on whether the GB or any of its members are true believers. Some days it is hard to imagine they could be but others it is hard to imagine they couldn't be.

    Those of you who know them relatively personally, what are your thoughts on that? Do they believe their own hype?

  • godrulz

    Since I am not JW/WT, I assume freedom of speech and thought is meritorious. Go bully someone else.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    You are certainly free to say whatever you like within the posting guidelines, godrulz. I think the problem most people have with you is that you have said pretty much the same thing 806 times so far and show no indication that you will, or even can, discuss anything but your own pet topic, regardless of what the topic of the thread is that you're posting in.

  • straightshooter

    Based on comments of those that know Sam Herd that I met, he will speak his mind on certain issues but generally he is easy going and tends to be a moderate.

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