"Overlapping Generations"... one year later...

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  • OnTheWayOut
    Happy 1 year anniversary overlapping generation bullshit.

    I like that. Do we call it the OGB or the OGBS for short?

    They have indeed done what Alfred suggests, stop mentioning their old doctrine rather than admit it's wrong or changed. They did it with the 7000-years-Creation-Days and they did it with their 1975 excuse about how many years may have passed from Adam's to Eve's creation.

  • Glander

    It's like watching sausage being made. When you see all the crap and offal that goes into it you might think twice about eating it. "Meat in Due Season..." indeed.

  • Essan

    So, It's not the Generation that saw the events of 1914, after all.

    It's the Generation that saw the Generation that saw the events of 1914.

    OBVIOUSLY that's what Jesus meant!


  • Terry

    "This magazine has long been used by “the faithful and discreet slave” as the primary channel for dispensing increased light.

    Really? AT WHAT POINT IN TIME did the word NOW become true? In what dictionary on what planet does NOW mean EVENTUALLY?


    You can't use the word NOW and the word NEVER as weasel words because they are ABSOLUTE!

  • Gayle

    thank you Terry,,went was that printed?

  • Jim_TX

    I had a conversation with my JW sister recently. She has been 'in' since my mom got involved in the early 1960's. I told her how the truth never changes. She gave me the usual BS about the 'light getting brighter'.

    I posted about this conversation in another thread, but here is the part relating to the 'generation' conversation that we had...

    I told her 'We're not getting anywhere, so I'm gonna let you go after I mention this. When I was 'in', they were preaching about the 'generation'. How it applied to those who were alive in 1914, and understood what was going on. Correct?'
    'yes', was her response.
    'Didn't that change recently?'
    'Yes, because it was wrong.'
    'Exactly! The truth does not change. You just admitted that it is wrong. Good bye.' ...and I hung up.

    So - the old-timers will believe anything that is dished out to them, without questioning it.


    Jim TX

  • SouthCentral

    When this adjustment came out, I officially STOPPED keeping up with doctrine and just completely gave up. The explanation is idiotic. I can't believe that a Thinking J-Dub would accept this or better yet EXPLAIN it!!


  • Terry

    thank you Terry,,went was that printed?

    1920. That was the book MILLION NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE. It was a recycled public lecture that already had been disproved given

    in 1918.

    The Kata-Foy Artifact

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    I have a photograph of myself, my son, my father and my grandfather together. Everyone who sees that photo says, "wow, FOUR GENERATIONS in one photograph!". When have you EVER used the word generation in a way other than that?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I would have understood that explanation to be a sort of Venn diagram, with the converged circles meaning separate generations but the bubble of convergence being the generation Jesus talked about.

    That would make it a very small "generation."

    The last 1/2 of one person's life overlapping the first 1/2 of another person's life.

    I've lived the last 1/2 of my grandparents' lives but I've only lived the first 1/2 of my own.

    So, it would seem possible to the JW me that the end should be any time now, as the overlap is just about finished.

    Yes, my g-grandmother, grandmother, mother, me, and Egg had a 5 generation photo made.

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