"Overlapping Generations"... one year later...

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  • agonus


    What do you mean, "if"?

  • agonus

    With 2014, I think they're just going to not bring it up... and hope nobody notices.

  • stillajwexelder

    One year later Jack Barr is dead - and he was rolled out at the Annual meeting to give this talk

  • sabastious

    It will never go away because the Witnesses are instructed to read their Bible's daily. When their eyes come over the words it will have a chance at making them think every time.


  • Violia

    it won't matter to die hard jws. They are in this till it's over. They will protect "mother" . They have too much invested to quit now.

    1914 is a cornerstone doctrine. Without it this religion is just another religion with some wacky beliefs. They have to fix 1914. I look forward to what they are going to say. The usual things are , it was invisible, it is symbolic, we never said that the local brothers did, and so on. It will be interesting to see how they twist it.

  • jehovahsheep

    the tribulation and end occured in 70 ad.we are ALL going to grow old and die -so lets live accordinally by trying to improve our world instead of standing back and waiting for jesus who already came.

  • Larsinger58

    Well, you can define a "generation" to various lengths. It can be 20 years, 40 years, 80 years or 120 years, depending upon the reference. Ps 90:10 says a generation in terms of a lifetime is 70-80 years.

    Now, let's recognize that the first sign of the "last generation" was "nation vs nation and kingdom vs kingdom" and thus clearly a world war. That allows us Biblically to establish 1914 as the beginning of that generation of 20, 40, 80 or 120 years. So what do the facts show? 80 years, which is a natural lifespan past 1914 is 1994. So the question is, did the last event, the 2nd coming, occur before 1994 to fulfill that 80-year generation?

    Answer: Yes. The 2nd coming did take place on December 25, 1992. The first Passover after the second coming was on April 6, 1993. So that return did fall within the generation of 80 years from 1914-1994. So we can presume this is what Christ meant.

    THE GB IS IN SPIRITUAL DARKNESS SO DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Jehovah disfellowshipped the GB on November 10, 1992 and cast them into spiritual darkness. The above reference proves it. How so? Because they think the "great tribulation" of Matthew hasn't occurred yet. They think it is Armageddon. But note, that the great tribulation was just one of the signs leading up to the second coming. It is OVER before the 2nd coming even occurs. Note Matthew 24:29 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days... the sign of the son of man would appear in heaven." See that? The WTS is clueless as to how this is possible. That is, how is it that Armageddon is over and done with before the messiah appears? They do another twist dance here and claim in actuality that the great tribulation isn't really completely over when the sign appears, even though the Bible says it is.

    Plus, how is it that if God did not cut short the days that "no flesh" of the holy ones would be saved? This suggests God, in his great anger, go so carried away that he accidentally wipes out all of the "holy ones" in the process. But is Armageddon about that? Some collateral damage "holy ones" who get killed in the process of Armageddon? I thought the righteous were chosen to survive Armageddon? And since when does a woman without children get favored over a woman with children. And how can fleeing to the mountains save someone from Armageddon? Can't God find the wicked in the city as well as in the wilderness? So you see, it doesn't work. That's because this particular "great tribulation" is a reference to the HOLOCAUST and the "holy ones" are a reference to the Jews and JWs. Both are targets of the Nazis. After surrounding Warsaw, Poland, which was the highest concentration of Jews in exile, it was possible to flee to the mountains, literally, and hide out from the Nazis. If you didn't, then the Jewish ghettos were walled off and then liquidated. A woman with small children didn't have that option to flee the mountains. Crying, hungry infants and hiding out from the Nazis don't mix. So JWs can't even begin to apply this since they think the "great tribulation" hasn't begun yet, but it is already over. It was Holocaust.

    Anyway, people can see through this twisted concept of the "generation", which is only necessary because of the other false concepts the WTS has about what is going on.

    In the meantime, there's the issue of the prophecy being fulfilled, not just the WTS not understanding the fulfillment. Thus to vindicate the Bible, the "last generation" can be applied to the average lifespan of an individual, 70-80 years, meaning the generation that stars with a world war, 1914 would extend to 1994 and by then all the signs, including the great tribulation which comes before the second coming, as well as the second coming, should occur prior to 1994 in order to fulfill the prophecy. Since the messiah did appear on December 25, 1992 in the flesh again, though through the agency of another individual, we can see that prophecy was fulfilled.

    Armageddon, a second great tribulation, occurs after the 2nd coming.

    Now people here will probably reject this, because they can't confirm it. But the WTS spies to keep tabs on all my posts and on these discussions know critically well that my explanation is accurate. So now there is the issue of HONESTY or continuing to lie to the sheeple under their guidance.

    In the meantime, who is going to believe that jive explanation about "overlapping" generations? OH PALLEEEZE!

    You know it is ironic. We imagine when the millennium begins, we will clean up the earth where need be. Certainly we likely will tear down or convert old churches. We don't want any reminders. But it has now occurred to me we will likely order all the Kingdom Halls torn down as well. It's about not being reminded of anything dealing with false worship! Plus, they just built and brand new Kingdom Hall in my town. As exciting as all that is, and as much as I'd like to see the new KH, I can't bring myself to even be bothered, I'm so SICK of WTS shit.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Its a nothing concept to them

    the hard cores may have swallowed it

    the rest are too controled and invested to care

    the youth have no idea or interest about any history or doctrine

    the gb will just stop mentioning it and keep talking the 'obey' line instead and soon it will be 1914? huh? 1975? umm huh? Generation? whadya mean? duh...


  • hamsterbait

    We are talking about people who can quote Luke 21: 8, and not realise that Christ is talking about the JW message.

    In 40 years, I never heard an explanation of "the due time has approached" in ANY talk on the subject.

    Cant have the sheeples thinking.


  • WTWizard

    You can deny ever saying anything. But, anyone that has the physical copy of the April 15, 2010 Washtowel will always be able to refer to it. They can alter it for the CD edition, but the physical washtowel is available for anyone to scan. In fact, they themselves provided it while it was fresh.

    Now, my idea of "a generation" will stand the test of time. I have always stated that "a generation" consisted of those alive when Jesus made that statement. That was in 33 AD. And, it referred to the destruction of Jerusalem, which happened in 70 AD. That was well within my "a generation". Nothing to hide, nothing to backpedal on, and nothing to use to fleece everyone into giving up their lives because the end is at hand.

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