A DOUBLE LIFE - What's the worst case you've seen

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    I was in my late 20's..doing some remodeling work on her home. Of course we went to the same hall and I've always had an eye on her daughter who was not outgoing, could say shy but never had anything really to say. Her mother was out of town. we had small talk, did my job ready to go. Well she made me a sandwich and gave me a beer..it turns out we actually got very drunk and ended up all over the floor...So guilt trodden were we that we turned ourselves in, me to the spanish and here in here english congo.

    privately reproved. two weeks later shes at my front door looking like I've never seen her before and the starts allover again ..we kept this going for a couple of months till they moved. the best I ever had

  • tresdecu

    I had a good friend back in the 90s that lived close by. we hung out a lot. We were both young MSs in our 20s. He was married, I was not at the time. I had no idea how sexually "crazy" him and his wife were. One night we were sitting around and he 'joked' that he would let me have his wife for the evening. She was in the room too and smiled at me, Had I gone for it I'm %99 sure they were serious. We laughed off the awkward moment.

    The previous week he was on stage giving his 2nd pub talk.

    After the friendship faded away a few years later. I found out from my cousin, whoes dad was PO, that they had both been reproved for having a 3some, once with a girl, once with a guy.

    All the while he was an MS giving parts and going out in service...he played the part well. Looking back now, I'm glad they had some fun.

    No judgement here ;-)

  • Jazzbo

    Knew a very prominent Elder who traveled for his work. Turns out he was having affairs with women in many of the places he visited while he was traveling. One of these girls became a Witness and saw him on the platform at a Circuit Assembly which caused her to burst into tears. Her explanation certainly livened up the assembly.

  • BackseatDevil

    Oddly enough, I'm not the worst double life I heard of (www.backseastdevil.com).

    While before I got to Bethel there was a guy in Brooklyn who was apparently running a rather successful escorting business. So successful he was getting some high-end clients who would send limos to retreive him and drop him off. This was apparently how he got caught.

  • JustVisting

    Meet the Buttoms family (obese) and all "pioneering":

    Dad- early 40's, very sucessfull business owner, elder, school overseer. Under-educated, uncouth glutton who at the DC pulled out a huge smoked turkey leg for lunch all the while talking with food in his mouth. He was the type that hired all brothers in the area to do his work, one of whom being a newly appointed married MS who was banging some secretary at one of their contracts. He was found outsoon enough but was only publically reproved. I believe Brother Buttoms was on that JC. Wink, wink.

    Sister Buttoms: 40ish fake blonde, swarthy foreign-born lady way past her prime if she ever had one, on bi-polar and anti-depression meds that other-wise was well enough to spend daddy's money on make-up, french manicures/pedicures, new outfits and shoes. Oh God, the high-heeled shoes, were talking Imelda Marcos style. Does that tell you something about her "spirituality"?

    Eldest Daughter: about 19 and let's say an amazon. Worked the phones in the office part-time and went out in full-day service on Mondays (business closed). By her gerth, i was obvoius the group spent the day driving around stoping at all the convenience stores and fast-food joints in town. She tried to get attention from the brothers by showing a lot of cleavage, tight clothes and high-heels like Mom.

    Baby Daughter: about 16 going on 30 as they say, foul-mouthed brat daddy will buy it for me type. Once, while out in "service" pulled off her pants (panties too) and gave some guys standing on the street a "full moon". Heard that she would have knock out drag out fights with Mom and sis, calling them bitches.

    This the model family that was interviewed and praised by the CO at the CA. These lovely daughters admitted the lack of BS but said they were "actively" seeking one (actively seeking the buffets that is).

    Fast forward about a year:

    Brother Buttoms: deleted as elder, to focus on his marriage and family I'm sure. This is the guy who used to threaten that he could have you disfellowshipped if he wanted. The audacity of this man!

    Sister Buttoms: still on her meds. no way out of her miserable marriage and life with the ogre.

    Eldest Daughter: hooked up with a "worldy" guy that she met in FS, married and no longer on the pioneer list. Not DF'd though, I'm sure her Daddy didn't pull any strings on that one.

    Daddy's little girl: still gettng her way with Daddy, much to the dismay of her mother. A case of mother/daughter rivalry I'd say.

    Admittedly, not as shocking or morally reprehensible as the

    previous examples, but still a doozy imho.

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  • keynumber

    It's not all over. About 20 years later. Then, I was the assistant to the bookstudy conductor when they still met midweek.

    And as a custom each bookstudy group would rotate feeding or taking out the visiting speaker. Our study conductor was out of town so I was the one to handle this. Well they arrived and introduced my family and myself to them, and it turns out that this is the young girl now a woman with a very nice family that I or should I said we had this clandistine relationship was his wife.

    He gave a great talk, we and the friends took them out to eat. And as always the questions are "how long have you been in the truth?, is your family in the truth, and where are you from and or raised... To OUR SURPRISE we were from the same little town, only I was in the spanish and she was in the english. Actually the evening went well, just the subtile inquesitiveness in our eyes of seeing each other again. All I can remember is she moved to the nearby city and I moved on... We never said bye in the formal way and no feelings were touched as it was a relationship build on clandistine lust with the secrecy of it even more exciting. We were first timers.

    We hit it off very well, that her husband gave us there address and invited us to visit. My wife liked them especially her very much.

    Gave it some thoughts and didn't think (YOU THINK) that a visit would be comfortable for either of us...

  • Finkelstein

    Worst that I've ever seen was a PO/ELDER at the Hall myself and my family attended, he was married with 3 children,

    the eldest son was my best friend growing up.

    He would go out of town on business trips and seek out young sisters in these towns from other Kingdom Halls there to screw.

    He finally got caught and was DFed back home, pretty much F...ing up his own family in the process.

    Their family was seen as (THE) exemplary family in the congregation at the time of this occurrence,

    making a lot of mouths drop in the Hall.

    So bad unfortunately was it for the family they moved away .

    What an asshole !

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