2011 District a$$embly - We cant wait. The board is abuzz WHAT NOOLITE?

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  • badseed

    probably, but to the witnesses it'll be a revelation..lol

  • Nebeska Nada
  • FifthOfNovember

    I find it hilarious that we're more interested in this stuff after we're out.

  • TDaze

    It helps us to be smug.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I'm curious, too... I wanna know what poison my children are going to be subjected to.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Today, I suffered through an incredibly dry and halting talk by Geoffrey Jackson at our District convention. He gave the talk on "God's Kingdom Will Crush All Other Kingdoms-When?". It was excruciating to listen to, and if this GB member were giving a "Number 1" talk (Bible Reading) in the School, he'd be told to try again. Reminded me of a Monty Python skit where the host of "A Book at Bedtime" has dyslexia, and can't read a complete sentence without halting over each word. I mean, it was THAT bad!.

    Any, it was the same old, same old about the image in Nedbuchadnezzar's dream, head of gold, arms of silver, belly of copper, legs of iron, and feet of iron and clay, bla bla bla. Except, and here is the BIG CHANGE!:

    In the "Insight" book, here is what is said about the feet-The ten toes apparently represent the entire global system of rulership at the time when God's Kingdom is established and takes action against the worldly powers (Insight, Vol 1-p1187).

    Today, great pains were taken to point out that the toes in the scriptural account were not specifically numbered (might be ten, might be eleven (if the image came from Arkansas), so therefore, there is no significant prophetic meaning in the toes of the image.

    And, that, my friends, is New Light (tm).

    As far as the New Releases (tm):

    Two 32 page brochures:"Listen to God", and "Listen to God and Live Forever". "Listen to God and Live Forever" could be compared to a comic book (but not as entertaining as a "Jack T. Chick" pamphlet (better art, though)). It has lots of pretty pictures, with some simple text to make its point. For the average American reader. "Listen to God" is the same brochure, but with even less text. For the average American simpleton.

    The Sunday release is Volume 2 of the DVD series "JW Faith in Action:Let the Light Shine" and covers the Rutherford/Knorr era. Sure to be on the Academy's mailing list next awards season.

    Saturday was the release, I am told, of a new "Youth Book" type of publication, but I was enjoying my Saturday, so I wasn't there.

    Hope this satisfies your interest. Gawd knows I left wanting more wanting something more mentally stimulating, like a Sudoku puzzle.


  • CaptainSchmideo
  • baltar447

    OMG! After ALL the buildup THAT'S IT???????

  • CaptainSchmideo

    As far as I can tell, unless I missed something on the other days.

    Oh, and there was a drama today, comparing the trials of Joseph in Egypt to a young Witness in High School who gets slandered by a classmate on the internet. Hijincks ensue. Yawn.

  • elderelite

    Dear god how am i gonna sit through this crap another year....

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