DC 2011 Strange omission from the releases

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  • metatron

    What inept clowns! They invest time and effort to produce a new book and then decide not to release it.


  • thetrueone

    Maybe they were afraid of it being dissected on the inter-net, like most recent releases.

    Dam inter-net we cant keep anything to ourself any more.

    Its getting harder and harder to brainwash people to are likening.

  • factfinder

    I remember being very dissapointed when there were no books released at conventions in 1992,1994, and 2004.

  • factfinder

    Do you think they are planning some new light that is not in the book they decided not to publish?

  • jgnat

    I think if the GB is stuck, we should help them out.

    An easy out might be to declare that Armageddon has come and gone already and we are in the paradisic thousand year reign. Last time to sign up.

  • agonus

    jgnat, that's occurred to me too. Why not just declare that Armageddon came "invisibly" and it's now time to start working on making the Earth into a paradise? We can start with green living...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    An easy out might be to declare that Armageddon has come and gone already and we are in the paradisic thousand year reign. Last time to sign up.

    Thirded. I actually had a similar thought when I was IN, in the late 90s when it was obvious that all the pre-1935 anointed were dead or dying. The only difference is at the time I thought that maybe that was the truth, that we actually were IN the 1000 year reign and that the TWO Armageddon-like events of Borg doctrine are actually only ONE, and only at the end of the Millennium. The negative of that is it would push the threat to more than 900 years in the future, reducing the Borg's coercive power over the rank/file and recruits.

  • jgnat

    Yeah, guys! Let's start a letter campaign! The WT can cite also the medical gains in longevity. Pretty soon it will be forever!

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    The problem for the WTS in their publications especially any youth related issues is the high rate of drop out for these "examples".The YPA 1 book has a few photos of now disfellowshipped youths.DVD YPA has a young guy on the cover who is DF now.In Australia theres a brochure especially made for the Aboriginal/Torres Stait Islanders that has some DF persons on it.I figure a reprint is better than putting a black box over the face.The poor kids there is just so much pressure on them being a JW then they try to raise them up as examples for others and they just burnout.I have seen it over and over again,i woudnt be suprised if they go to different image format like cartooning actual photos so they dont have to revise again in a few years to take out DF youths again.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Since the young are leaving in droves, YPA has probably been updated to clamp down on the kids to get baptized sooner and set Watchtower aligned goals. They probably had to replace lots of pictures because the models are no longer approved, exemplary JWs. They should go back to using drawings instead of photos. Or better yet, like Reasoning, don't put in any pictures.

    I doubt that they'll ever do another YPA video. There was a lot of worry about the kids staying in good standing.

    They need to update Reasoning, but they really don't have any better explanations to put in. They certainly haven't come up with anything better on 'generation'. And they have nothing if a person criticizes the historicity of the Noachian flood. Dubs are trained to say, "Well, I'll have to look it up and I'll come back with an answer." Then, of course, they never return. A new Reasoning book wouldn't change that standard procedure.

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