DC 2011 Strange omission from the releases

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  • blondie
    revised ones were sent in their place.

    But not for a year later.

  • DanaBug

    I was still in in 2001 and wasn't aware of that. Not surprising really. I learned that last year though.

    I wonder too why they haven't updated the Reasoning book. Maybe no one really uses them anymore, either because they never have the opportunity or they're aware it's old light. I have seen JWs on facebook use it with other JWs though. Maybe they'll release something that completely replaces it.

    So this is unusual. Oh, I hope, hope, hope someone gets a copy of this somehow.

  • sir82
    I was still in in 2001 and wasn't aware of that.

    Only POs at the time, and later readers of this website, would know of this. 99%+ of JWs have no idea of the blood card recall.

    I wonder too why they haven't updated the Reasoning book. Maybe no one really uses them anymore

    It is still a standard JW textbook, used as source material nearly every week on the Theocratic Ministry School and occasionally in Service Meeting parts.

    It is quite amazing though - with this YPA revision, they have no other source material (other than the Insight Books & the Proclainers book) that is more than 10 years old...yet the RS keeps chugging along at 26 years of age, a veritable antique by current JW standards.

  • DanaBug

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the school and service meeting. Well, that doesn't make much sense.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    You know, I actually like the Reasoning Book. It's a good quick reference book, even if you don't agree with some of the doctrines.

  • DanaBug

    I used it a lot when I was arguing with JWs on facebook. It's a lot easier than digging through the library.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Someone out there has to know what this book was about?

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    "Petting" vs. "Heavy Petting"

    Heavy Petting is when you are no longer just "brushing by the nasty parts," and are actually manhandling them...

    I think that's right. It's been a long time since I ever did any kind of petting. The only petting I do now is scratching the back of my Maltese.


  • steve2

    It's a pretty interesting time to be living in when there's an "omission from the releases" generating controversy as opposed to an actual release that generates controversy. It may not be the first time there's been a likely last-moment change of scheduled release of a publication, but it will go down as the first that appears to have the best reported evidential basis.

  • BizzyBee
    My guess is it would be bethel career/DFing for anyone to leak it since probably a select few have access to it.

    And good-bye to all those Bethel retirement benes!

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