DC 2011 Strange omission from the releases

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Great to see you back here JWFreak.

    Interesting stuff. I sure would like to know more about any GB split.

  • slimboyfat

    Does the new book still go on endlessly about masturbation and heavy petting?

    The "youth" books have got to be among the most damaging in all Watchtower literature.

  • agonus

    It looks more and more like less and less effort and care. I think it's pretty safe to say the WT is pretty much just throwing in the towel and phoning it in.

    A new DVD release rather than an actual new book does not help combat accusations that JWs are uneducated/illiterate/what have you.

  • serenitynow!
    heavy petting

    lol. At what point does "petting" become heavy? I need to know!

  • sd-7
    lol. At what point does "petting" become heavy? I need to know!

    It sounds like you've just given me a new article to write for The Breast-Tower: Helping Adults With Sexual Concerns. Thanks!


  • tenyearsafter

    LOL serenity...

    As a wise man once said, "don't sweat the petty things...pet the sweaty things!"

  • agonus

    The book sounds like a bunch of "Petty Heaving"...

  • agonus

    Welcome to the Reality Hotline! For Scriptural advice on "Heavy Petting" and other related concerns, please press 1.


    Hello! You have selected Number 1: Heavy Petting and Related Concerns. For sound Scriptural advice, please refer to the Song of Solomon. Goodbye and have a nice day!


  • factfinder

    @JWFreak- Hi! And thanks for the info. No new book-dissapointing. The "Kingdom Come" book was one of my favorites and I thought perhaps they'd release a new book similar to it in view of the convention theme.

    Why revise vol.1 of YPA? Why not just make it vol.3? True-its a book-yes, but not really a new one, and books for teenagers don't interest me.

    I know if I was still attending the conventions it would be a big letdown. I guess they are cutting baxck due to less money coming in. (My, how Jehovah is blessing them! LOL!)

    I'm very curious about the new book you mention that was written and planned to be released. Hmmm? A change in new light coming? GB disagreements? But they are always in harmony, directed by God's spirit! LOL!

    I look forward to your memories of life at Bethel.

    I guess since they do take longer to study the books at the cong they figured they could skip this year, after the Acts book they have the Jeremiah one. I guess they will eventually study the Revelation book again (zzzz). Interestingly-they have not updated the Proclaimers book and that came out 18 years ago. Too much money to do so I guess.

    By the way-here are some years when we did NOT get a new book at the DC:

    1987,1992,1994,1997, and 2004. (In 1987 we did get the pocket size deluxe NWT but it was not a study book.)

  • jgnat

    Was the updated song book considered a major release? Can't exactly study THAT!

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