DC 2011 Strange omission from the releases

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  • factfinder

    I think the oldest books still in print are as follows:

    NWT (1984 edition)

    My Book Of Bible Stories (1978, revised with study questions)

    All Scripture Is Inspired Of God And Beneficial (!990 Edition)

    Life-How Did It Get Here? By Evolution? Or by Creation? (1985)

    Reasoning From The Scriptures (1985, and revised) as noted already

    Insight On The Scriptures (1988) as noted

    Revelation-Its Grand Climax At Hand! (1988, revised 2006)

    The Bible- God's Word Or Man's? (1989)

    Mankind's Search For God (1990)

    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived (1991)

    Kingdom Proclaimers (1993) as noted-probably will never be revised and updated

    Is There A Creator Who Cares About You? (1998)

    Pay Attention To Daniel's Prophecy (1999)

    Am I missing any from before 2000?

    (YPA vol. 1 came out in 1989)

  • slimboyfat
    It may not be the first time there's been a likely last-moment change of scheduled release of a publication, but it will go down as the first that appears to have the best reported evidential basis.

    How do we know there was a book that was going to be released but was witheld? I missed this.

  • agonus

    SBF: Last I heard it was strongly rumored that there was a split GB decision regarding whether to release an actual new "book" (rather than just a brochure and revised YPA). No confirmation yet so far as we know but anyone here with updates should please feel free to revise my assessment.

  • therevealer

    check the first post on this thread.

  • agonus

    JWFreak, any clues as to said book's content? It must have been quite the hot potato.

  • slimboyfat

    I did read the first message, but I thought someone said there was more evidence which supported the idea.

    I don't think a convention without a book release is unheard of. I am sure I remember one or two in my brief JW career where there were just brochures and DVDs.

  • agonus

    A convention without a new book release of some kind is not unheard of, but it used to be fairly rare.

  • Terry

    I have no idea what the book was, its contents, and as I say there were just rumours, but these rumours were from people on the 5th floor.

    Maybe the book was: "Okay, We were Right the First Time we said Jesus was Clean Shaven!"

    Wachtower 1954 p.511 "Why do Watchtower books now show Jesus with short hair and no beard? ...because he was shown that way in representations of him that are older then traditional EFFEMINATE looking pictures..." {Having a beard is not so effeminate may refer to long hair}

    Watchtower 1968 p.286 "Bible evidence and recent reviews show Jesus did have a beard..."

  • agonus

    Wow, that first pic is the first WT drawing I've seen where Jesus could actually pass for "ethnic"/Middle Eastern/whatever (Looks a bit Hispanic to me actually. Hey-soos?) The second Christ looks positively Aryan, and I don't mean "Aryan" in the positive/original sense.

  • agonus

    Actually that first pic looks a lot like Mandy Patinkin. "You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

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