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  • Robdar

    Talesin, I LOVED Mists of Avalon!

    I know I am not a new poster but I got my screen name by combining the first three letters of my stage name with the first three letters of the name my mother gave me.

  • talesin

    Hey, Rob ,,, so kewl!

    and bttt

    because ... enquiring minds want to know!!! doesn't matter if you are a 'newbie' or old,,, I'm interested.


  • GLTirebiter

    I chose the name of a recurring character in the Firesign Theater comedy sketches, George Leroy Tirebiter. Not much went right for him, despite the best of intentions (the emcee of the fictional Beat the Reaper game show introduced him as "winner of the Academy's coveted good sport award...").

    The Firesign quartet borrowed that name from a canine mascot on the USC campus. That George Tirebiter liked to chase cars and bicycles, nipping at their tires--thus his name (and also his eventual undoing).

    So be careful what you chase, because if you catch it who knows what may happen next? You might become the next Un-Believing Mate to sign up at JWN!

  • umadevi

    I just go by my name.... Is there an Edit button here on the site?

  • ChunkyMonkey

    Chunky Monkey/ Chunk Monk is what I call my 10 mo old son and it makes me smile. As I may have mentioned before I did not plan the nickname Chunky out so well. :). Oh well. As a side note I loooove me some BSG and Alias!! Frack ya!!

  • tenyearsafter

    Mine was dual purpose...when I picked it I was 10 years out of the Borg, and I also happen to love the music of Ten Years After...their Woodstock performance of I'm Going Home was incredible!

  • talesin

    GLT --- good one! Here's a Firesign minute for us all ...


    umadevi -- uma, ahhh, you share a name with the amazing thurman,,, now that's cooool

    ChunkyMonkey --- that is so sweet, your little Chunk Monk, aww,

    But I must confess, when I read your name, I always think of ice cream ....mmmmm ... and I love Alias, too! why, oh why,,,,, did they leave us hanging? Jennifer Garner ROCKS,, and BSG is on my list of shows to d/l and watch from the very beginning.

    tya -- how appropriate, and you're a R&R kinda guy, too

    I just love knowing from whence the avis came -- anyone else?

    Hey, speaking of avis,, anyone seen avishai?


  • talesin


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Upon studying 'The Midwich Cuckoos' at school, a classmate remarked that I must be a Midwich Cuckoo as I have yellow eyes. It stuck throughout Grammar School.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Just like Mad Sweeney, my handle is also the name of a character from a Neil Gaiman book - American Gods.

    Low-Key Lysmith = Loki Lie-Smith or Loki the Trickster from the Norse pantheon. Loki was Thor's brother.

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