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  • doubtful

    Doubtful..I came on this board because I found a lot of WT teachings to be "dubious". I often found myself saying..."Hmmm...that's doubtful". I was full of doubt!

    And I still am. My experience with the WT religion and my escape from it have made me very skeptical..some might say jaded. But I prefer to really sift through evidence, evaluate alternative viewpoints, and I make a concerted effort to never hastily arrive at conclusions without weighing all the evidence.

    And when I chose my screen name, I had all of about 30 seconds to do so, being that I was worried about a family member walking in on me reading apostate material. lol. I'm only 21, so perhaps later on in life I'll recover from doubtfulitis!

  • tenyearsafter

    Mine is dual meaning...I loved the group when I was younger, and it was 10 years after I was DF'ed that I started looking at the forum.

  • scary21

    I was 21 yrs in 1975. Thinking the big A could or would be coming soon. It was scary! By JW reasoning, I would never be in the new system.


  • Twitch

    Mine was from my online gaming days when I played FPS games like Ghost Recon and Battlefield 2, which are loosely known as "twitch" games. Also, I thought it kinda funny to join a virtual special forces squad with such a name and implied handicap, lol.

    Plus, I saw it as a subtle reference to the Commissioner in The Pink Panther movies where he twitches whenever he heard the name Clouseau. I felt the same way about the dubs around the time I signed on ;)

  • talesin


    former elder who shined as a company man

    that's right, and you are now your own man

    and also a quasar, which shines far brighter than a star! ;)


    (have to do one at a time, playing poker in other window hehehe :D *free* don't gamble, just love cards! nope, not even scratch tickets)

  • talesin

    honesty - that's a brave statement, and I think most of us can relate to those feelings though we don't say them aloud, let alone with our screen names


  • talesin

    Slidin Fast -- I read you making a reference to that in a post. It's a good way to go .... buh bye (oops, forgot to say byby :D) Maybe Snowboarder can give you some pointers on wintersports!

    Kudra - Robbins, recalling one book I read by him way back (let's not go that far back), but excellent, another book to add to my library holds! Jitterbug Perfume.

    ... and done,,, should have it in a few weeks! :)

    sd-7 -- aahh, Christopher, your true self. Perhaps he's just testing the waters. Making sure you are ready to follow those wonderful agendas you've been holding onto for so long inside.

    I loved Alias, and felt a bit robbed by the way it was cancelled. So I see where you're going with the analogy,

    Thanks for the excellent replies, folks, every one an individual --- ain't we sumpin'?


  • talesin

    No Room For George - I couldn't find Blow on youtube, but there was some other songs by PUSH-T.

    My family and friends will no longer have any room for me in their lives, hence no room for George.

    That sounds realistic, though not inevitable, so perhaps 'prepare for the worst and hope for the best' is a good way to look at it. It's worth working through now, so you are more prepared for whatever comes at you when you make that step. Keep courage, we are here, standing with you. :)

    Remember, you will have sooo many people who genuinely want to be in your life, who will have lots of Room For George.

    You reminded me of another song, though,,,, hope it puts a smile on your face. It's one of my fav bands - Salt-N-Pepa



  • talesin

    doubtful --- [email protected]! Good thing you had doubts, hey? If not, you might still be in the ... KH NO, I won't even type it!

    Sounds like you're recovering already - it's a quick trip from doubtful to just plain curious, a thirst for knowledge and explanations and all kinds of amazing stuff ... and what's wrong with that? Nothing.


    *always curious* Kat Klass

  • talesin

    tenyearsafter -- great band , great anniversary gift !

    scary21 - yah, I was 17 *shivers*, that was enough for me! (sherry)

    mother (Pink Floyd, The Wall)

    Twitch -- ah yes, there was a lot of playing of those games when I was with my ex,,, yup.

    Love the reference to Inspector Dreyfus,,, I can see the twitch now! lol! And yes, they can be rather twitchy! hehe


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