I dont like using "their" name for God

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  • Mat
    I now refer to 'the god of the watchtower'. To me the name 'Jehovah'TM is just their 'brand' name for god. (A bit like Coca Cola being 'the real thing'). They use it to lock victims in to their 'brand loyalty'.
    Everything about the WTB$ is just business practice. IE. No beards or no trousers for sisters = dress code for an army of sales people who promote the 'brand'.
    Also, if 'Jehovah'TM is god's name and he is our 'father', then why use it? I never called my Dad by his first name it's totally disrespectful.
    They simply promote the 'brand' for their business!

    This is exactly what I am talking about! "Jehovah" isn't and shouldn't be their brand name for God. People have been using it long before CT Russel was a twinkle in his great grand dad's eye! It's in Hymns, it's in Films. It's in more of our English culture than Yahweh! I'm saying don't give it to them! Don't let them have it! It is not theirs! But it will be if everyone else keeps being afraid of it.

  • PSacramento


    Seriously dude, you're teasing us right? pulling our leg right?

    We don't know that was why it has those vowels as a matter of fact. It is a theory, and in actual fact it does not have exactly the same vowel points as Adonai.

    Theory as in concrete evidence accepted by virtually all scholard including those that ACTUALLY use the name?

    LMAO !

    Dude, I have to admit, you are doing a great job of impersonating a JW, even down to the inability to comprehend facts !

  • Mat

    Mad Sweeny

    I'd like to go back to a statement Mat made on page 2 of the thread and ask a question. Why is Yahweh a worse translation than Jehovah?

    Because (repeating what I have said in other posts) it is not consistent with every other name in the bible. We don't say Yerusalem, we say Jerusalem. We don't say Dawid we say David. Jehovah has the same Hebrew consonants J and V.. etc. See other posts.

  • jay88

    Mat's "proper JWD name" has change to Mut, according to P,....

  • jay88

    All these words we know how to pronouce Mat, they where not hidden from us, YHWH is. It is no comparison.

  • Mat


    Your inability to click on links and read stuff for yourself is rather sad. Do you want me to copy and paste for you?


    The most widespread theory is that the Hebrew term ??????? has the vowel points of ??????? (adonai). Using the vowels of adonai, the composite hataf patah ? under the guttural alef ? becomes a sheva ? under the yod ? , the holam ? is placed over the first he ? , and the qamats ? is placed under the vav ? , giving ??????? (Jehovah). When the two names, ???? and ???? , occur together, the former is pointed with a hataf segol ? under the yod ? and a hiriq ? under the second he ? , giving ??????? , to indicate that it is to be read as (elohim) in order to avoid adonai being repeated. [ 23 ]

    The pronunciation Jehovah is believed to have arisen through the introduction of vowels of the qere—the marginal notation used by the Masoretes. In places where the consonants of the text to be read (the qere) differed from the consonants of the written text (the kethib), they wrote the qere in the margin to indicate the desired reading. [citation needed] In such cases, the kethib was read using the vowels of the qere. For a few very frequent words the marginal note was omitted, referred to as q're perpetuum. [ 17 ] One of these frequent cases was God's name, which was not to be pronounced in fear of profaning the "ineffable name". Instead, wherever ???? (YHWH) appears in the kethib of the biblical and liturgical books, it was to be read as ??????? (adonai, "My Lord [plural of majesty]"), or as ???????? (elohim, "God") if adonai appears next to it. [citation needed] This combination produces ??????? (yehovah) and ??????? (yehovih) respectively. [citation needed] ???? is also written ’? , or even ’? , and read ha-Shem ("the name"). [ 23 ]

    Scholars are not in total agreement as to why ??????? does not have precisely the same vowel points as adonai. [citation needed] The use of the composite hataf segol ? in cases where the name is to be read, "elohim", has led to the opinion that the composite hataf patah ? ought to have been used to indicate the reading, "adonai". It has been argued conversely that the disuse of the patah is consistent with the Babylonian system, in which the composite is uncommon. [ 23 ]

  • jay88

    A proper name is whatever we want to make it that's it,.......is there anything else to add Mat/Mut?

    Since I don't belieave in him I don't actually think he has a name......Mat
    However, Just because the JW's use that name alot does not make it theirs to own.....Mat


    Your argueing over a name about someone you don`t believe in?..

    A name that has been Established as a Catholic Translation Mistake..

    A name JW`s Use..But..You don`t want them to own..

    Even though they don`t own that Name..


    I hope your Mom makes you Wear a Helmet..

    You don`t need any more Head Injurys..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Mat

    Let me ask you all something. Are you happy to let the Watchtower Org. hijack the word "Jehovah" for themselfs so that every time someone reads an old bible or hears the word refered to in any liturature or media they will think of Jehovah's Witnesses? This will include liturgical lituriture dating back to the 10th century. Do you want the word "Jehovah" to be a word that represents them?


    Wouldn't it be better if the word did not remind people of them because they are farmiliar with it in other contexts and know it is the same as Yahweh? Wouldn't it be better if it didn't have this aura about it that makes people afraid of saying it? It is just a word. Honestly! Anyone would think we were talking about Voldmort!

    And what say you PScrotum? Are you ahpy to let this word be the exclusive property of the JW's?

    Let me ask you all something. Are you happy to let the Watchtower Org. hijack the word "Jehovah" for themselfs
    so that every time someone reads an old bible or hears the word refered to in any liturature or media they will think of Jehovah's Witnesses.....Mat

    And what say you PScrotum? Are you ahpy to let this word be the exclusive property of the JW's?.....Mat


    I think you should go to WBT$ HeadQuarters in Brooklyn..And..Get the Name Jehovah back..

    Bring a Wheel Barrow,the name Jehovah is Large and Heavy..

    Don`t forget to Wear your Helmet..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

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