I dont like using "their" name for God

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  • Mat

    Actually I think the replacement form- Yahweh- is far worse. I think the transliteration "Jehovah" is consistent with other Hebrew words, and I reckon the scholar standard of claiming Jehovah is a "mistranslation" is total bull! The only problem with it is the JW's seem to have aquired some kind of patent on the expression- totaly unjustified, but hardly anyone eles uses it.

  • wiser

    Honesty, I love your response!

  • Twitch

    Much about "their" thing need not be liked or should be used in day to day living IMO

  • Mat

    Thanks Wiser! It is a dilema. If no one else uses the word Jehovah then the word will always be associated with the Watchtower Organisation. I think that would be a shame because it does pre date them and is a reasonable version of the tetragram, and they have no right to claim it for themselfs. That said, if scholars started using the word for God's name (well, the bible's god anyway) it would look like they are giving credence to the JW's. Personally, I'd liek to see scholars use the words Jehovah and Yahweh interchangeably- like it doesn't matter which you use, because it doesn't.

  • umadevi


    As far as I know "Allah" is an Arab word which means "God". It's not a name.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Yeah I'm a bit funny about that now. I always felt they used it too much anyway. Now I don't know If I should use or not use. I feel more comfortable with father.

  • wobble

    Whether we like it or not, Jehovah is the god of the WT, ostensibly, really the god of the WT is the Governing Body.

    YHWH has a chequered history, along with his wife Asherah.

    If there really was an Almighty God, a Supreme one, why would "He" need a name ?

    I too , do not use the J word in speech, because of what it means to the hearer, I stopped using the expression "The Truth" soon after walking away, if any of my JW relatives call it that, I mumble, "The Deception", they then frown at me and change their usage for a bit.

    They soon,sadly, go back in to cult mode and start calling "The Deception" "Da Troof" again.

  • sizemik

    There was a "brother" in a book study I used to attend who, when offering prayer, would begin every sentence with "Jehovah" and end it with "Jehovah" You know like . . . "Jehovah we are very blessed Jehovah, Jehovah please forgive our sins Jehovah" . . . drove me bloody bonkers!

    There is a poster here somewhere who substitutes "Jah Hoover" . . . I think it's a reference to vacuuming up the 7 billion dead people at Armageddon . . . you may feel more comfortable with that perhaps JLP?

  • JustHuman14

    I don't use since it is wrong pronounced, plus it only came in the 1700's with that pronouncation...

  • carla

    I never, ever use the erroneous made up word for God. I don't call my dad by his first name and using jw logic against them I sure wouldn't call my Heavenly Father by His first name either, even if it was jehoover.

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