What would the world be like if everybody was a Jehovah Witnesses

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  • sooner7nc

    Cluster F***

  • sizemik

    Some Nazi`s simply supported an organization that would do something that Evil..

    Some Nazi All JW`s simply supportedan organization a God that would do something that Evil..

  • Nebeska Nada

    [email protected] TotallyADD!!..

    Eventually The WBT$ would want to take ove the Universe..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s would arrive on Distant Planets..

    In 4 Door WatchTarded Space Ships..

    Then go out in the..

    Interplanetary Field Service..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • AGuest

    No offense meant toward anyone (may you all have peace!), but the world would be made up of 3 billions literal slaves, cowtowing to one small group of folks. All that you have would be "dedicated" to these men... including your children and whatever means you may have been allowed for providing for your loved ones after death. They/it would all go to them. There would be no "Stepford" folks because that would undermine the illusion of "freewill." It would also jeopardize the whole operation because one dissident could ruin the whole loaf. And the "world" couldn't have that, so all would be willing slaves (as JWs are now) based on the mind-numbing hypnotic "truth" they were being fed and readily gulping down.

    Very little would get done (other than perhaps the expansion of the headquarters from which these men would operate... and live). Because since all were already under their control, no need for books, magazines, or a "preaching" work. There would be meetings, of course (would have to be in order to continue the "gathering" of everyone), but the topic would be whittled down to one: give more... when will you give more... why aren't you giving more... and how much can you give? Of course, all of the "giving" would go to them (you know, for a new wing or something) and "Gawd" help the poor schmuck who needs a new roof... or whose child needs a transplant (which is absolutely prohibited on several grounds including, but not limited to, it involves blood, it involves body parts (and so blood), and if anyone's gonna get an organ, it's gonna be one of them 'cause they're the only ones who can pay for it ('cause all of your money goes to them, remember?).

    The only tool for compulsion would be fear: perhaps of a phantom "Armageddon", yes, but more likely of being "different" from everyone else (which is the WORST, isn't it?!). Therefore, all skirts would be knee-length or just below (but not maxi) and all cars will have at least four doors, regardless of whether you have kids or not.


    A slave of Christ,

    SA, thanking God (the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies) and Christ (the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH)... that she is a "log" snatched out of THAT "fire"!

  • flipper

    If everybody was a Jehovah's Witness ? Everybody would be controlled by fear and guilt. Everybody would believe in superstitious end of the world fantasies . Nothing would get accomplished because everybody would be scared of being ratted out by their fellow JW. It would be a superstitious, paranoid world. Kind of like how it is now within Jehovah's Witnesses

  • ShirleyW

    Exactly. You nailed it Flipper ! !

  • GLTirebiter


    [not this thread, that's my answer!]

  • TotallyADD

    Thanks for all your comments. The reason I came up with this subject was many years ago in our area we would tell people at the door if the whole world was a Jehovahs Witness we would have a better world. Now I know better. It would be exactly what you all said it would be. Had alot of fun reading all your comments thanks again. Totally ADD

  • free2beme

    Not forsure, but I think there would be a lot of people trying to figure out if they should change their name to Jehovah's Nation, as the Witness thing would not really work anymore in the title.

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