What would the world be like if everybody was a Jehovah Witnesses

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    The more important question is this: Are Jehovah's Witnesses' teachings true?.....BCK

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    North Korea

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    At least they are non-violent.

    mwaaaa hahahahahahaha

    Okay, raise your hand all the battered wives/husbands/children/siblings?

    Thank you / Merci !


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    Lunatic Faith that's the one my wife and I came up with. Totally ADD


    Would the world be a better place if everybody was a JW? Honestly, yes.
    At least they are non-violent.....BCK

    The 1st Day..

    Of the WBT$ New System..


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  • journey-on
    if everybody was a Jehovah Witnesses

    Your leaving out the possessive use of the name made me chuckle. Made me think of how many times I corrected people that said Jehovah Witness instead of Jehovah's Witness. What a stickler I used to be about that!

    Anyway, if everybody was a Jehovah's Witness, we would still be going to weekly (or possibly daily) meetings to receive our field service assignments. Some would be on cleaning duty, others planting duty, others quick build duty, others cooking duty, etc. etc. You get the picture.

    If you are "special" you would get to slave for the new improved Governing Body!

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    1984...Big Brother is watching you

  • TotallyADD

    Journey-on are you my wife Reopened mind under a new name? LOL I have been told this for the last 37 years now. ADD people just never get it. HA Totally ADD

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    Terra Incognita


    "Would the world be a better place if everybody was a JW? Honestly, yes. At least they are non-violent. And against warfare. Ask the people in Afganistan and Irac if they like war. I don't think it matters if you like JWs or not, it would be better if everybody had the same belief system."

    Welcome to the board, BCK. Please don't be offended if I'm blunt. Before I respond, let me ask you. How long were you a witness and how old are you (approximately)?

    As for your statement that they are non violent you are obviously not familiar with them or have a handle on history or psychological and social realities in general. The Watchtower itself has said that Jehovah's Witnesses ARE NOT PACIFISTS because they are preaching the greatest war ever. They have said that if God ordered them to fight at Armageddon they would. The reason they do not fight in wars right now is because of their doctrine of neutrality. This is not their kingdom, so fighting in any nation's war is like an Argentinean fighting for the Chinese.

    Even without knowing that, a little bit of psychology, history, and common sense should allow one to expect that Jehovah's Witnesses-being totalitarian in nature-would become tyrannical if they had the opportunity to carve out a piece of sovereign territory.

    Having the same belief system did not better the world throughout Catholic dominated Medieval Europe. Quite the contrary, certain people were aching to break free of the tyrannical yoke of the Catholic Church. They were known as Protestants and there were lots of bloody wars between the two.

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