Exactly how many different views of Jesus are there on the Board and doesn't that kind of tell Believers the obvious problem...

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  • myelaine

    dear watersprout...

    you said: "I belong to JAH OF ARMIES THE MOST HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL through His Son Jaheshua Mischajah.

    When Jaheshua died on the cross, we all died with Him. Our ''flesh/sinful nature was pinned to the cross.

    I have a personal relationship with Jaheshua... He teaches me.... Not Shelby or anyone else for that matter."

    that statement sounds very "spiritual" however we also know that scripture states...

    in matthew 3:16-17 we have Jesus being baptised...the Spirit descends upon Him like a dove...the Father speaks from heaven...

    you say that your lord is the same lord as AGuest...she swares her lord is the Holy Spirit. siteing the above scripture which one of the three: Father, Son or Holy Spirit...which one DIED to redeem YOU?...which one says He is coming AGAIN [still as] the Son of Man?...

    love michelle

  • AGuest

    Sigh. What a stalker. I truly don't recall Christ... or the Apostles... stalking people down to make THEM defend their faith. Rather, it was the other way around: folks stalked/followed THEM around... and demanded from THEM a reason for their faith. As you are doing here. Kinda revealing, IMHO. But, just as then, I will make a reply and defend MY faith, since you addressed it:

    she swares her lord is the Holy Spirit

    I am sure dear Watersprout (peace to you, dear one! can answer for herself, but since you mentioned what I "swear" to, I will respond as to ME. Starting with the fact that, although I don't always agree with him (nor did the Apostles/disciples), because his teachings were always supported by holy spirit, or FROM the Holy Spirit), Paul pretty much swore the same thing:

    "Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord [is], there [is] liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NKJV)

    In case you are among those who put their faith in him, his words should suffice. I do understand that some, perhaps even you, believe Paul served a different "lord" than the Apostles, but he didn't. True, they had their differences early on but in the end they were in union as to WHO it was they served: the Holy One of Israel (whose name is JAHESHUA... or, Joshua, if you prefer to say it in English... the chosen One of JAH (MischaJah).

    Funny, isn't it, though, that it was my Lord that the Father said we should listen to? And funny, isn't it, that he (my Lord) called himself the Way... Truth... Life... Door? Funny, isn't it that he said, of the holy spirit, that it would speak what was HIS (my Lord's)? Funny isn't it that the OT speaks of JAH putting His spirit IN/WITHIN people... and Christ asking for it not to be REMOVED from him? Funny, isn't it, that when my Lord granted holy spirit to his Apostles... no "person" came down; he simply BLEW ON THEM? So that they could "RECEIVE HOLY SPIRIT"... by means of receiving his BREATH/LIFE FORCE?

    "And when He had said this, He breathed on [them], and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit." John 20:22 (NKJV)

    Funny, too, isn't it, that not a SINGLE reference to "holy spirit"... whether in the OT or the NT... and whether preceded by the words "the"... or transliterated as the term "holy ghost"... depicts a SINGLE capital letter... as to "holy" OR to "spirit"... making it a SCRIBAL choice as to which phrases should be capitalized and which should not? Funny, too, isn't it, that Jeremiah prophesied about the "false stylus" of the "secretaries" (scribes/copyists)... and Christ is recorded to have said, "WOE, to you... scribes!"?

    A lot of "funny" things, aren't there? Including your claim to "know"... based on the erroneous mistranslation of ONE verse... versus what YOU received FROM the Holy Spirit? You posture and orate... but based on what? YOU don't know... because YOU haven't received such spirit... such BREATH [of life]... so as TO know. Yet, you point the finger at others.

    The REASON that God's holy spirit descended upon my Lord "in the form of a dove"... was so that John could SEE it (because you can't SEE breath!)... in a form that would not horrify him (because that spirit is also the BLOOD (so that any who receive it can live... forever)... and SEMEN (so that women - Sarah, Hagar, and Mary - could be impregnated by it)... of the Most Holy One of Israel. Having blood... or semen... come down upon my Lord... particularly in light of the OT admonitions as to both... would have caused a result COUNTER to what was intended (faith in the TRUTH that this was indeed the Chosen One and Son of God). It would have horrified and caused a turning away.

    But the Most Holy One of Israel sent His breath, His life force... in a form that John could see... with his eyes... which breath thereafter entered into my Lord. Which is why when HE sent it, it occurred "as if a stiff rushing BREEZE." When someone BLOWS breath... that is what HAPPENS: a "wind".

    Get a clue. You can do that, first, by repenting of your blasphemy. Then, by asking for the same holy spirit... from the same Lord, the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... both of which come from the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies. That may not remove the consequences of such blasphemy, but it will at least enlighten you as to the truth. Were it me, I would want to know the TRUTH... even if I had already forfeited my life.

    A slave of Christ, the Holy One of Israel whose name is NOT "Jesus" (which is NOT an English form of ANYTHING, let alone the Hebrew names "Yeshua", "Yehoshua", "Y'eshua" or "Y'Shua"), but is JAHESHUA... pronounced "Yah eShua"... and IS accurate, even if those before removed the name of the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAH... of Armies... from that One's name because they considered it "too sacred" to utter...


  • designs

    ok 153/4

  • myelaine

    dear AGuest...

    I'm not so sure that watersprout CAN answer for herself...but hey...why would she have to with you around...

    ...I wasn't asking you anything. watersprout spoke to me, I responded to her. on a discussion forum that is normal...it's not stalking.

    BUT the fact that she didn't answer for herself and you came to her rescue, so to speak, is unfortunate...what are the chances of you being there if Jesus asks...who do YOU say I am, watersprout?

    love michelle

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I believe Jesus is God so the historical Jesus of Nazareth, while important to me, is not as important as the Risen Christ the Church proclaims. He died. He was buried. He rose again. He shall come again.

    Jesus is so important and worshipped precisely because every individual can project their own wishes, visions, desires, culture, etc. onto Jesus. I don't know if other gods are worshipped in this manner. There is Jesus in The Imitation of Christ and in The Last Temptation Christ. There is Jesus as fish, early lamb drawings, Middle Ages Jesus, orthodox icons, Renaissance Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, the Dutch bourgeois Jesus painted by Rembrant, Picasso's Jesus, Dali's Jesus, Warhol's Jesus.

    I don't know enough from the gospels to picture a Jesus of Nazareth fully fleshed out. My mind tells me he was Semitic and prob. brawny from carpentry. Yet my whole life I've been bombarded by Jesus as a blonde Royal Shakespearan actor Jesus with blue eyes. The only blue eyed kid in Nazareth. I can't picture him talking up carpentry clients. I can't imagine him using toilets or whatever. Bathing. Hanging out with friends other than the ones in the gospels. I doubt that the Virgin Mary wore only Virgin Mary blue dresses. I don't think it matters. If it mattered, the gospels would be more detailed.

    We celebrate the Easter Christ ever present in our lives. God cannot be confined to a single idea or person or value. Jesus is transcedent. I'm glad He is transcedent and immanent.

  • AGuest

    I'm not so sure that watersprout CAN answer for herself...but hey...why would she have to with you around...

    Oh, please, you silly rabbit, dear Watersprout (peace to you, dear one!) doesn’t need me to answer for her, nor did I answer for her. And me being around has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. You accused ME of swearing to something that you insinuate is wrong… and so I responded… as to ME.

    ...I wasn't asking you anything.

    This is a discussion board, rabbit. One does not have to BE asked anything in order to respond; however, if you think you can accuse me of something in the manner you did and NOT have me respond, then you are mistaken. So your “I didn’t ask you anything/I wasn’t talking to you” games mean nothing here. You made an accusation while trying to appear “innocent.” I responded to that. As usual, however, you failed to respond to what I posted… versus stating what’s in your dark heart. As usual.

    watersprout spoke to me, I responded to her. on a discussion forum that is normal...it's not stalking.

    Seriously? Do you REALLY think that I and others don’t know about your various PMs and emails to her regarding these things? Seriously? Water asked you… NICELY… to leave her alone. You ignored that request. Then she DEMANDED that you do so. You’ve ignored that as well. In my book… that’s stalking. Under some laws… that’s stalking. It may even be stalking under the Board rules. You think that you can badger her into responding to your accusations. Well, again, I can’t answer for her: maybe she will respond, maybe she won’t. It’s entirely up to her. But I will tell you that if you think dear Water is a pseudo-christian doormat, you’ve got another think coming entirely. If she does respond, I doubt it will the “flowery” words you think they should be. Unfortunately, I have NO doubt that if you finally DO get what you have coming from her, you will do your usual “oh, wait, you’re not using loving, kind, “christian” words, so you must not BE a christian,” response. Or post little hearts trying to convince everyone that one IS… rather than taking your licks… and apologizing. Which is what you SHOULD do… to her AND me… AND God and Christ… in light of your false accusations against US… and blasphemy against the Most Holy One and Holy One of Israel.

    BUT the fact that she didn't answer for herself and you came to her rescue, so to speak, is unfortunate...what are the chances of you being there if Jesus asks...who do YOU say I am, watersprout?

    Oh, please - Water has been on holiday with her family, you silly idjit rabbit. I saw your silly post… and your accusation against ME… and responded as to ME. Your dark heart, as borne out by your ever-flowing false accusations… and utterly unfounded suspicions… is so evident. Obviously, you have all kinds of trust issues, which is NOT surprising as the “god” YOU serve isn’t to BE trusted.

    Now, be off, silly dark rabbit, as you really have NO power, here. You’re as impotent as your “father”… the one YOU serve, the “father” of the LIE, which you repeatedly manifest by YOUR lies.

    A slave of Christ, the Light,


  • EntirelyPossible

    Can I reiterate how much I love this thread?

  • AGuest
    Can I reiterate how much I love this thread?

    And just why is that, dear EP (peace to you!). Perhaps because you think you are witnessing a "christian v. christian"... event? I truly hope not because that really isn't what's going on here. I know, I know, "How can you say that, SA?" I can only explain it by referring you to my Lord's [recorded] words (which I know you don't like me to do, but... ah, well, others are "watching", too, so...):

    "I know your deeds and you labor and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, that you put those to the test who SAY they are apostles, but they are NOT, and you found them liars. You are also showing endurance, and you have borne up... FOR MY NAME'S SAKE... and have not grown weary."

    (Yes, I know - he is also right regarding me, these days, as to the love I had "at first"... and I am working on that. Certain "rabbits" do tend to make it trying, at times, though. But that's no excuse, really, I know)...

    He is also recorded to have said:

    "I know where you are dwelling, that is, where the throne of Satan is; and yet, you keep holding fast my name..."


    "I know... the blasphemy by those who say they themselves are Jews, and yet they are not but are a synagogue of Satan"...

    So, there should be no surprise that christians... and "christians"... disagree. Utterly, in some instances. As not all who say, "Lord, Lord" (or post little red hearts to try and make it look like they are) are known by him, dear one.

    Again, peace to you... and quit smirking - LOLOLOL!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • EntirelyPossible

    You can quote your Lord all you like, Shel, it bothers me not in the least. I think this is a pretty typical thing that's been going on since the mid 1st century, people that follow jesus telling other people that follow jesus they are utterly wrong. It amuses me to see not much has changed in 2000 years.

    And yes, I was (am) smirking. I'll see what I can do about that.

  • PSacramento

    Disagreement is OK, we can see by the NT that disagreement between Christians was happening even then and that was a good thing, as it is today.


    I agree with Shel ( peace to you my sister) about Christ correct name, Jaheshua ( or Yaheshua if you prefer) but don't agree with her in regards to the name Jesus and I use BOTH, quite easily.

    We are both under Our Lord's Grace and Love and BOTH under his Holy Spirit that lives in Us as we Live in Our Lord.

    Paul and James and Peter disagreed on much and sometimes Paul was right and other times Peter was and other times James was, John on the other hand was all about the Love and thought that they all needed an enema, but that is a different story, ;)

    We all may have slight different views about certain things, but we ALL agree on this:

    Christ is the Son of God, He is our Lord and Saviour, He was ressurected and lives on, He is the Word of God and He is the path to God, the source of everlasting life.

    Praise Jah !

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