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  • godrulz

    Their so-called elders are hypocritical and often have much dirt in their own lives. Mormons also have a public image that does not match reality. They are no better and no worse than any other faith group despite their claims to superiority. They have high ideals, but no Spirit power to live up to them.

  • Podobear

    Godrulz: you really are a nasty piece of work... There is one very positive thing I learnt as a JW.. Shake the dust off your feet, and take your peace with you.

    I cannot believe the part truths and direct lies you print about the JW's! You do nothing but punch at others. What is the matter with you? Are you here to establish Truth and Fact or just to rant about your favourite obsession?... The JW bashing campaign.

    There are very many Sterling people amongst JW's... as there are in other Church groups.

    God's sheep graize on many hills... don't spray your Spiritual grass with Paraquat!

  • jgnat

    I had to look up what Paraquat was...nasty stuff.

  • godrulz

    I have affirmed that JWs are victims of a corrupt organization. There are elders who are evil and some who are good. There are many sincere, fine people, but sincerity does not create truth. Believing a false god/christ does not make you right with God despite being 'good' people. Hell will be full of good people who reject God/Christ. My issue is with the false doctrine. I cannot judge the average JW, but I can judge the beliefs (which I do not lie about). There are also many hypocritical JWs that are going door to door enticing people into the organization that they barely believe in themselves. They remain in due to jobs, friends, family, but lack integrity before God. To follow God may mean losing family (but not in JW sense). Using your logic, diametrically opposed, mutually exclusive views are equally salvific (universalism). This relativism is indefensible. Buddhists and Muslims are not Christians just because they are sincere, religious. Mormons and JWs are cultists, not Christians, so don't say they graze on God's hills. This is a deception and a lie. Instead of dealing with the absolute claims of Christ/Scripture, it is easier to diss me (ad hominem). I don't buy it.

  • jgnat

    Wait a minute. God owns all the hills.

  • satinka

    godrulz wrote:

    Hell will be full of good people who reject God/Christ.

    How do you know this?


  • godrulz

    There are many good, godless atheists. Atheists reject God, Jesus, Bible. If there is a God and a heaven/hell, then the Bible teaches that atheists will not be in heaven. You can reject the Bible as God's Word, but you should at least be fair with what it teaches. Without Scripture, my view is no better than your view. We need revelation, not raw reason. As far as any given person sitting in any given church, only God can judge the heart and relationship with Him. If Hitler persisted in his godless ways, it is safe to say that he is not in heaven. If Hitler came out of the bunker with evidence that he repented and trusted Jesus before he died, then we could be slower to judge. It is apparent that Muhammad died hating Jews, Christians, and denying the Bible God/Jesus. We can make an informed opinion in light of Scripture as to his destiny.

    What we can say, in light of the NT gospel, is that those who reject Christ outright, despite being 'good', will not be in heaven.

  • Podobear

    @jgnat: Love the perception!

    @godrulz: I have just finished watching Sunday morning Question Time, here in the UK; Is Religion Relevant today? The audience was youthful... devoid of old anoraks, like me.

    The JW's were mentioned first by an Atheist youth... the usual disdain over the JW interpretation on the "Blood Issue". A fair few Born Agains trying to bolster their corner. Moderate Muslims commenting on their faith.

    The presenter was at pains to point out the "Hate Rhetoric" of the insular viewpoints of the Born Again Christians.. and someone was able to speak positively of the fresh, outlooking attitudes of the moder Pentecostal movement. The discussion was varied, if a little rudderless at times.

    What I get from your posts is this same Born Again attitude of picking at the splinter in the eyes of others, whilst you have an imposing timber in your own eye!

    As jgnat so wisely says: God owns ALL the hills, NOT YOU. There are millions of healthy sheep graizing quite nicely on the spiritual food they are receiving.... making a choice daily... following the Good Shepherd where he leads them to pasture.

    There are very many good points about JW's too. Why not hightlight them too... there are very many I assure you.

    The Christian Greek Scriptures do not obliterate the Hebrew Scriptures... both sit hand in glove.. if you want use a word call it the Christian Testament. With the renting of the curtain in the temple, the special relationship ended with earthly Israel and is fulfilled in Christ Jesus. It is not a NEW TESTAMENT, as you wrongly describe. It is a fulfilment of prophecy given to the Hebrews. There is a New Heavens and a New Earth awaiting according to his promise. Not all Christians will serve along with Christ in heaven, many will benefit from that rule elsewhere.

    That is the complete and golden thread of the gospel. I am sure you must agree.

  • Chariklo

    Godrulz, you wrote

    It is apparent that Muhammad died hating Jews, Christians, and denying the Bible God/Jesus.

    Have you actually read the Koran? You might want to rethink that statement.

  • AnnOMaly

    Podobear, no need to get too hung up on the terms 'Old' and 'New Testament' if they're viewed in the sense of 'Old' and 'New Covenant' - terms used by the Bible itself. FYI:

    testament Look up testament at Dictionary.com
    late 13c., "last will disposing of property," from L. testamentum "a will, publication of a will," from testari "make a will, be witness to," from testis "witness," from PIE *tris- "three," on the notion of "third person, disinterested witness." Use in reference to the two divisions of the Bible (c.1300) is from L.L. vetus testamentum and novum testamentum, loan-translations of Gk. palaia diatheke and kaine diatheke. L.L. testamentum in this case was a mistranslation of Gk. diatheke, which meant both "covenant, dispensation" and "will, testament," and was used in the former sense in the account of the Last Supper (see testimony) but subsequently was interpreted as Christ's "last will." - http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=testament

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