I love gays :)

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  • warmasasunned

    im sure your sincere, but its very amusing how you label them "gays"

    is that all they are, not human beings men, women, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters

    would you introduce yourself as "hetrosexual"

    as i say i'm sure your sincere, but they are normal.

    my first boss was gay, top bloke.

    i think that experince as always led me to have no problem with anyones sexuality, and even when i was a jw i could never take there homophobic rants seriously.

    freydo go and have a sit down, all that hate must be heavy to carry.

    it does no good to pin a countrys problems on a section of people.

    live and let live

  • ohiocowboy

    Thank you very much for the compliment, Freeflyingfaerie! I am sorry that some have tried to psychoanalyze your words, but I understood clearly what you were saying and I found nothing condescending about your post. I don't understand why the one poster here felt that way, but it is his issue and I doubt that others here share his sentiment. It is a breath of fresh air for people such as yourself to credit us with some good things, as there are unfortunately far too many who try to discredit us as being Gay.

    Sphere, you too have nothing to apologize for. Your words were kind and loving, and again I found nothing at all condescending about your post. I'm sorry that one person here made you feel that you had to apologize.

    Welcome to the board, I do not post much here, but I just wanted to thank you for your kind words.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    warmasasunned~ I am not labeling anyone, society does this for us already. For all we know, a gay person coined the term 'gay' for people who prefer same sex. Your next comment about them being human beings , mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, really goes along with what I said in my original post. I celebrate beautiful people, and some are gay, which is still, as a whole, not fully accepted. I'm sorry you don't get my writing. What shows up on this screen is so one-dimensional, typed with all its black-and-whiteness on little keys with letters on them. If I could, I would wrap my arms around anyone with a true heart and give them love, I'll never understand why life is so difficult and complicated.

    ohiocowboy~ You are very welcome!! It's so good to see that you felt good, not bad about the expressions that I made. Sometimes it's difficult to make a compliment, because that very compliment can turn out to be perceived as an insult. But thank god(or whoever) you got what was meant!!

  • StephanieH

    FFF, I had commented earlier on this and as an openly gay person I understand what you mean. To the 'others' who discriminate against us it is truly their loss. It is great to find people who are accepting

    I have lost so much, even outside of the JW's because of being gay. And it is heart warming each time I find someone who sees that we do love, feel, and live just as a straight person. And to those who don't understand, at least in my eyes, the term gay is acceptable really it is a part of who I am. I also know what you mean by it being hard to speak without someone missunderstanding or twisting things because life is not in black and white but many many differents shades of color.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    StephanieH~ A Big Hug to You!!

  • Abraham Ansah
    Abraham Ansah

    Guy is not good at all, for those engaging in it are detrimenting their body

    Guy is not good at all, for those engaging in it are detrimenting their body

    Guy is not good at all, for those engaging in it are detrimenting their body

  • mrsjones5

    Guy? :-/

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