I love gays :)

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  • freeflyingfaerie

    Some of my favorite people are~

    after leaving the religion, my lesbian couple friends were the most compassionate people, and I will always love them!

    I am heterosexual, but find gays to be absolutely fabulous!!

    When i was at a point of desperation after leaving my children's father (this is a whole story in and of itself), my JW family wouldnot let me stay with them or loan me any money to get back on my feet .But these friends were there for me, no questions.I didn't even ask, they just offered like it was the most natural thing. They got their money back, and a friend for life.

    Another gay friend at work helped me get back on my feet also, working things out so i could be promoted to my position. He is no longer with us in the body..but Rob is a Ray of Sunshine who has touched so many ~I love you, Rob!

    I have personally crossed pathes with the most brilliant, artistic, beautiful, alive, kind-hearted souls whose ssexual orientation is:GAY , and i love them for being the individuals that they are~

  • freeflyingfaerie

    And did i mention how fun they are to be around?!

  • DarioKehl

    Why thank you! (closet bi here)

    I too have recently found a new social circle among "the gays" and I gotta tell you, I was nervous as hell at first, but they're actually no different at all other than their preferences. You'd be surprised at how many faded and ex-dubs their are with this ..."imperfection."

    One of my missions as a faded JW is to give unbiased support for those still inside the b0rg. I am not one to actively deconvert. I respect everyone's right to religious freedom. I will say, however, that those who chose to stay in are severely depressed, miserable and conflicted. Unfortunately, I do not share with them my "apostate" thinking, but I merely provide a listening ear and can offer limited advice. Some of them are open to my free-thinking topics though. I'm just very careful--I do not want to be outed. When the time comes, if necessary, I will out myself.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    After exiting the JWs and a divorce, I was holding down three jobs to support my family.

    One of them was in a small office of about 12 people, mostly women, a couple of guys, I was the only straight person there.

    I have to agree with you, I love gay people too! Overall they are the most compasionate group of people I have ever met, very kind and generous.

    I sure there are some gay folks out there that are jerks, but the ones I have been around have been wonderful people.

    They really seem to go the extra mile in the Compassion department.

  • prophecor

    They do have a peculiarly distinct aire about them. They are incredibly animated. As if to push the, "I too am a womanly one as well. SO THERE!!!" Some of my favorite actors, who are not gay but have played them are Damon Wayans when performing in living color. The Men on Film segments. Absolutely hillarious.

    The little Oriental man on Half & Half. The syndicated sitcom featuring the two half sisters from different baby daddies. There's nothing seemingly more out of the norm than a fat Oriental, or one who's a homosexual. Sorry if that sounds racist, but the numbers never seem to match on that one. Many who play gays in film and TV seem a little too good at it. As if there might a some latent homosexual energy living inside of them.

    And as for my tranvestite favorites, Eddie Izzard is an absolute riot. I won't even watch him unless he's wearing a dress. Gifted historian as well, don't play the GLBT short. As for Madea? That's an entirely different issue. Tyler Perry wears a dress, well, but he's definitely all man.

    Happy Friday Everyone.

  • steve2

    As a gay man could I say that being loved feels better than being hated - and at the same time I'm hardly appreciative of those who say they love "gays". It comes across as faintly condescending, as if it's necessary to put out there that you love some afflicted, downtrodden group. Don't say you love me or my orientation just quietly get on with your life which includes being a wonderful human being who accepts that not all sexual orientations are the same. BTW, I love straights - and sometimes more than is good for me.

  • zoiks

    I love people!

  • steve2

    I love siamese cats - especially the way they razor your face if you look at them sideways.

  • Liberty93

    Maybe it's just where I live, but a lot of them seem to have this whole. "I'm perfect and you're not, so I wouldn't even piss on you to put you out if you were on fire" thing going on.

  • chickpea

    there is no monolithic "the gays"

    as a whole they are as variant as any general population

    some are darling, some are fabulous, some are total @sshats
    who will rob you blind or manipulate relationships like total pr!cks....
    like the dyke who tried to tell me, that she, at 25, when confronted
    by me about buying my 16 year old son alcoholic beverages and then
    LETTING HIM DRIVE, that she was doing it "RESPONSIBLY".... wth!?

    chickpea (of the PFLAG board member class and parent to a T in LGBT)

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