I love gays :)

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    FFF and Sphere,

    I feel the exact same way about gays.

    When I was in college there were a ton of them and I got my first exposure to what wonderful and normal people they are, in contrast to what the society said about them.

    That epiphany is what started me thinking of which side of the street I was REALLY on.

    The pondering came and went throughout the years.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    thanks , the raisin... and one day you must tell how you came to go by that name. were you a grape once?

  • VampireDCLXV

    LOL @ FFF!!!


  • freeflyingfaerie

    alls i know is the world is a better place after some Thai food, green curry!! yum yummity yum!

    vampire~ glad i could make you laugh

    white dove~your dykes thread was also an inspiration for me to announce my ungay gay pride!

  • MrFreeze

    If I was gay Id get so much tail it aint even funny. Ive known maybe 6 or 7 gay men and they were all open about being into me.

  • freydo

    Welcome to Babylon(obamaland)

    "And here we are. The year is 2011.

    That fire of the knowledge of freedom has grown dim. The light of God's lantern that made America glow with righteousness has been replaced with glowing computer screens that display images of iniquity and wicked ones who boast in themselves.

    The laughter of a wholesome TV show has been replaced with a sermon from Hollywood which says, "God is no longer around, so be a hooker and a harlot! And men, spread your carnal plantings with pride for this is your reward!"

    And that little city by the Hills of Beverly has become the nation's pulpit which tells the world that, "God made a mistake on many of you. Johnny is really Jenny inside, and Lizzie should have been Lenny!”

    Homosexuality has become the new religion on American movie screens, TV sets, printed works, and school board agendas.

    And with heart ache and pain, it must be declared with a trumpet call, that America is no longer the beloved land that she once was, because now she has brought affliction to the Heritage of God. She has molded for herself thrones of iniquity.

    And now, darkness has arrived over her. This sword of her coming oppression is now being forged. Her capture is upon her.

    The Night has Arrived

    American Achievements

    America, the great nation of the past, who at one time proudly lifted her trophies of achievement to the world, now has new achievements.

    • America today has the highest clinical depression rate in the world. The land of plenty has become a land “overflowing” with sad individuals.(homeless and on food stamps)
    • America has the highest infant mortality rate in the industrial world.
    • America has the highest crime rate in the industrial world.
    • America has the highest drug use in the industrial world. She has the highest percentage of children potheads in the world!
    • America has the highest incarceration rate in the world!
    • America has the highest health costs and drug costs!
    • America has the highest national debt in the world.

    America! Today, you pride yourself in your new diversity, in your progressive thinking and tolerance. But you now tolerate abominations!

    You now tolerate iniquities and you celebrate them. But you do not tolerate the laws of God! You do not tolerate Him who planted your ears and who gave you the eyes to see. You have announced to the world that you are no longer a Christian nation!

    America! Your king has mocked Christianity and defied the God of Heaven with unholy mandates and proclamations that trample on His statutes and laws!

    America! Your citizens have tarnished unholy matrimony. You call marriage old-fashioned. And now, you are saturated with the lifestyle of live-in harlotry.

    You have become a nation of unwed mothers; Thus fulfilling, I Timothy Chapter Four with your doctrine of demons which speak lies in hypocrisy and also deceive your people by mocking and forbidding marriage.

    Today in America, millions of Baby's Daddies are missing in action and no where to be found! These millions of wayward fathers believe themselves to be achieved conquerors that emulate gangsters and demand respect. But they have no knowledge that they deserve no respect. And by their very deeds, have condemned themselves.

    America, you have your men numbered among you. Men who were potential warriors for God and for your nation and you have turned them into homosexuals… full of confusion!

    America, you have taken men who should have been priests over their homes, and you have castrated them! You have turned your homes inside out and allowed feminism to overrun your land!"


  • cofty

    There, there Freydo, do you feel better now you got that homophobic, misogynisitc rant off your chest? Go and have a lie down in a dark room for a while and breathe slowly.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Freydo, your just as cute as you can be, I could just eat you up!

  • sizemik

    It's not unusual to be loved by anyone

    Les Reed/Gordon Mills (sung by tom Jones)

  • aSphereisnotaCircle
    If I was gay Id get so much tail it aint even funny.

    According to a jw I know, this is why gay men are gay, because its easier to get sex from men then it is from women. She did not inform me as to why gay women are gay though.

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