Do You Blame Your Current Life's Issues Because You Were A JW?

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  • Honesty


    However, like avishai my shrink blames the religious denomination and particularly the leaders and editorial staff

    of the Watchtower magazine.

    That may be why the cult frowns on JW's seeking professional help for their myriad of emotional and social problems.

    I was pretty much ok with being a JW until my ex strongly suggested that I utilize my health insurance and have a psychatric

    examination because she thought I was developing thoughts that did not coincide with WTBTS doctrines.

    I do have to give her a fair amount of credit for assisting me in my departure from the JW's.

  • beenthere26yr

    I was never a JW. I married a wonderful girl who started into the cult 5 years into our marriage.

    Now divorced after 31+ years I blame the WTBS for a big share of our problems.

    No not everything. I surely have my faults and so does she besides being a JW.

    People say you are where you are because of your own choices.

    Well my choices when it came the the JW's would be compareable to driving a VW Beetle and having the choice of having a 80 mph head on collision whith a 80,000 lb 18 wheeler or driving off a 1000 ft cliff.

  • mrquik

    Yeah. I'd love to sue them. Responsible for every bad decision? No. But guilty for influencing many of them. You can't push a unoccupied car down a hill and after it mows down a crowd of victims claim no responsiblity.

  • SouthCentral

    I did it 100% as it come upon me.....(talking about life)

    I did my best as a JW, pioneered at 13 and stopped at 19. I went to the meetings, but dedicated my all to my job and my family thereafter...


    Great career and Haphazzard meeting attender.

    Life is good, I tell the elders that I am an EXPERT on why I won't let my 15 YO get baptized, I did it at

  • suenott63

    I was virtually a born in and thank JWS for making speak publically . IE bible reading from the platform . I became a fluent reader from the age of around 5yold and gave me confidence in front of large audiences and helped me to become and exceptional salesman in my early 20s . It also made me confident with women which has benefitted me a lot more since being out than in the jws . It has also given me a brilliant Bulls**t detector .

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I have a great current life and JW get NO credit. I blame some of my insecurities on cult thinking that I will continue to work on. I also have times of complete panic over not knowing what the future holds for mankind and me after death... and loosing my brother to the cult and some "friends" I just want to shake them

  • mamamo

    Yes, I do blame somethings on the fact that i was born a JW and did stay in until I was 25. So I didn't attend college even though I did have the GPA and would have qualified for scholarships, if I had pursued them. I blame the society because I quickly found a guy and had a child before the world ended and I burned up in the Lake of Fire. Don't misunderstand me, I love my son and don't regret having him, but I did rush into a relationship with his father and that I wish I had to do over again. I wish I had the experiences that others had, I feel stunted when it comes to dating and male-female relationships.

    So I now have an AA degree and I am currently working on my BS in Marketing Management. And I have a date tomorrow with a guy I really like so hopefully I won't mess it up.

  • mamamo

    Yes, there are the good things, my work ethic and studying ability that I learned as a JW. Also I can strike up a conversation with about anyone about anything. That might have come from all those forced hours in service.

  • cskyjw.sun

    i don't blame jws for my life's issues.but i never started out mentally depressed.i had nervous breakdown only after my attempt on the neutrality issue and failed.i wondered was there a link.

  • punkofnice

    Some things = Yes and others No.

    As Mrs Punk is still a zealous JDub it's messed our marraige up.

    I told her this is how the organization breaks up families but her reply is that it was my desicion to leave. She loves the GB more than me and she doesn't even know what JW's really believe let alone know how to prove her faith correct.

    Luckily, I always kept some 'worldly' friends close. They are now even better friends than the 'conditional' friends in the antichrist big business!

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