No Forthcoming Photos :-(

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  • NeckBeard

    I think we all know what your about. You will not get a pass from me. Now Im off. Have to separate aluminum from plastic.

  • snowbird

    Good for you!

    Word on the street is that plastics is making a comeback.

    Oil-based, you know.



  • Finally-Free
    Perhaps, it is y'all's turn now.
    Turnabout is fair play, you know.

    No, it's not. All it does is prove you're no better than those you criticize.

    This kind of shit reminds me how I was called a "nazi" and "jew killer" by both teachers and students from the day I entered the school system just because I was half German. The fact that I was born 13 years after the war ended was irrelevent as far as these people were concerned.


  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I read a quote somewhere, wish I could find it now, but it basically said

    "the thing I hate most about racism is the idea that if things were reversed, history would be different."

  • snowbird

    I was referring to the historical cycle of one group gaining the ascendancy over another, Finally.

    I, personally, try not to harm anyone.

    However, whereas I don't, others do.


  • DaCheech

    my parents/nor myself were in this continent before the 1970's

  • startingover

    This thread really took some interesting turns over it's life

  • flipper

    Here's the thing . ( Getting this thread back on track and off the racial ridiculousness for a minute. )

    I sincerely want to believe that Navy Seals killed Bin laden. I trust our president. I voted for him. I think he is being controlled by elements which are not revealed on network news. Point I'm making is the living families of 9-11 victims DESERVE to see a picture of the man who killed 3,000 of their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, or mothers. They deserve to see with their OWN eyes that the murderer has been killed to insure in their own minds that justice has been done on behalf of their dead relatives.

    The whole point of Wikileaks in the last year is to give the general public access to information they were kept from before which may have an effect on their lives and it has served the purpose to expose injustices being done on a worldwide basis. Religious cults do a disservice to members whether it's Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Scientologists - the big issue is keeping rank and file members uninformed without access to information which keeps members from making informed decisions whether to support cults or not. Access to information is based on authority figures being the ones to decide who sees what.

    It's the same in governments. Many governments ( ours included ) only reveal what citizens want to hear based on what government leaders deem important or what THEY feel the citizens SHOULD know. So total access to information is prohibited . Network news is the same way. And the government controls the major network news. Point I'm making is when OUR government goes to the point of NOT allowing access for grieving family members to get closure by seeing a simple picture of a dead terrorist - there is something amiss. Something else is going on.

    I think if the American public could handle seeing JFK's brain exploded on a live film , they can handle seeing a simple picture of a dead Osama Bin Laden. I don't buy the BS that it will cause Al Quaida to reform and attack across the world. They are already pissed that Bin Laden got murdered ( allegedly ). This is just an alibi the U.S. government is using to cover something up. History proves religious cults hide info,governments hide info, and huge financial empires hide info to serve - NOT the people or citizens, but their own agendas. Now I'm going to exhale. End of speech.

    I hope Bin Laden is dead, I really do. But my intuition is screaming something different to me

  • Berengaria

    Show the families if they want to see. That's all.

  • flipper

    BERENGARIA- Well yeah, I'd go for that. Show the families Bin Laden's picture of him deceased. Although these same families didn't have the same chance of privately seeing the destruction of their now deceased 3,000 relatives . It was broadcast across the world for ALL to see with people jumping out of skyscrapers on fire which gave the terrorists and Bin Laden the attention and news coverage they desired. It's just that I'm the type of person who will call BS on double standards. I won't stay silent

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