my lesbian jw relative...sad but true 4-some...and penance

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  • oompa

    yeah i thought the 4-some thing would hook some of you guys in lol!

    but seriously...get this. she is about 24 and has three other gay jw roommates and has for a few years. virtually everyone knows they are gay. now get this...when temptation overcomes these girls...and they "sin" sexually in some way...they have decided to keep it to themselves rather than run to the elders (yay!)....however since their "christian trained" conscience bothers them they feel the need to make do they do it you may ask?......they auxilarry pionner the next month....really............................................oompa

  • Satanus

    Hahaha. Makes sense, i guess. Ooops, i was easy to get, wasn't i.


  • Intel

    I saw the word lesbian...and thought....well, lets see...that sound interesting, from a scientific point of view...

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Now how woud you know that?

    Or is this fantasy Sunday?

  • Rocky_Girl

    Very creative! I love it! Though, I hope that one day they feel comfortable enough to break free and live their natural lives without considering themselves sinful.

  • Pistoff

    If only all JWs would get this concept: no need to tell the union of nitwits local elders about sexual events, just keep it to yourself.

    If no one got hurt, and no law was broken, live and learn.

  • OnTheWayOut
    they feel the need to make do they do it you may ask?......they auxilarry pionner the next month....really


    I know they told you this and it's probably 100% true in their eyes, but they would all four be aux. pioneering for the rest of their lives. I mean, they have urges and some way to fulfill those urges right there. Surely, they don't let a whole month go by without doing something.

    So I suspect their guilt only gets to them once in a while.

    I imagine they will feel guilty less and less and tire of the door-to-door wastes of time.

    Thanks for sharing that fabulous Sunday morning story. It will make me smile all day.

  • Rocky_Girl

    ...or maybe that is what regular pioneering is for...

  • tenyearsafter

    Oompa...that sounds very Catholic of them! LOL

  • journey-on

    And just how did you get all this juicy information if they "decided to keep it to themselves"?

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