my lesbian jw relative...sad but true 4-some...and penance

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  • Morbidzbaby

    LOL you ladies start one and you'll see how many men post on it asking for pics

  • White Dove
    White Dove



    Ask for pics? Of what? Women who aren't interested in men? lol OR pics of a more personal nature? For shame...for shame

  • Intel

    Are you guys/gals kidding? Double-life? That is as cheesy as a Big Mac.....I've had to do the Tripple and Quadruple-Life thingy...hehehe

    (I still do, still in, fading, for sake of the family....)

    I also would love to live in the same room with 4 lesbian sisters....and by the way: if they are cute, their sins are forgiven.

    (I was an elder for 15+ years and you would not believe how often "they" would forgive the sinner if she was nice and beautiful....)

    Some of the elders in judicial committees would request the person to describe the acts in shameful details (sometimes I just wanted

    to dissappear as the questions where really, really embarrassing...

    Afterwards one of the guys would sit down and type a complete report on an S-82 Form to send it off to the society. I sometimes thought that someone in the Service Department must be wanking his carrot reading this stuff...

  • kurtbethel

    Now they COULD be creative about this and link up a cam that the elders can watch as they are sinning, so then they can repent in real time. That way they can skip the pioneer stuff and get on with life. It could get kind of Catholic though. Sin and do pennance by 40 door knocks and 10 hail GBs.

    [NOTE TO MODERATOR: saving you some work today and skipping the obligatory pic of scantily clad women that this thread deserves. best, Kurt ]

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