What were you doing 25 years ago today....

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  • beksbks

    I was sitting in the rocking chair with my brand new baby watching the launch.

  • mamamo
  • mamamo

    I was watching tv wondering why they were shooting it off when it was so cold here in Florida. They had never sent one off when it was that cold. I was 20. As soon as I saw the plume in the sky, I knew something was wrong. They used to let us out of classes to watch them take off. Five years later I would stop being a JW.

  • Farkel

    :What were you doing 25 years ago today..

    Watching it with my family, providing for that family of 6 and soon after facing a devastating divorce that sent me into hell, depression and forever changing my life.

    That's what I was doing when the Challenger blew up.


  • GLTirebiter

    I was on a business trip, driving the rental car out of the airport lot in Tulsa. The lady at the security gate was talking crazily, I could barely make out three words she kept repeating: "ITBLEWUP!ITBLEWUP!ITBLEWUP!" It sounded important, so having no idea what she was talking about that blew up, I turned on the car radio as I drove away. That's when I found out about the tragedy, which happened while I was walking between the terminal and the parking lot.

  • jamiebowers

    My jw mom was visiting me in N. VA, and I was doing my hair and make up and watching the launch on a little portable tv in my room. I remember my mom saying something very jw when I got teary eyed over the explosion, but I can't remember exactly what she said. I felt startled over the accident and her reaction to it.

  • Galileo

    leavingwt, we must be the same age. I was in 5th grade, I had a "joint class" with 2 teachers and twice the usual number of students. As an adult looking back I realize that's because one of my teachers was ancient and practically senile, but it's impossible to fire a teacher in the U.S. and there are laws about how many students can be in a class, so this was a neat solution as to how they could cram 50 + students into one classroom. Anyway, I remember my teacher (the one that was still all there) hearing about it from a student, asking the senile one "Is this true?" And then wheeling a TV into our class so that we could watch the news coverage. I remember my teacher was crying. I remember I was surprised, because I assumed that going into space was a dangerous business and I had just assumed that the space shuttles probably blew up all the time.

  • mrsjones5

    Old Lady, you ready for the rest home ain't cha ?

    And don't ask nobody to hold your earrings, cause

    I'll pull my cane out on you,

    I just saw this! Girl, I may be no spring chicken but I's still gotta a little pep in my step.

  • Nobleheart

    I was 2 so I don't remember much.

  • ambersun

    I remember staring at the TV screen in stunned disbelief. It was so awful you felt it just couldn't be real. The face of that poor mother watching as the shuttle exploded with her daughter on board will haunt me forever. I really felt her pain, as I am sure many people did.

    I was also going through my own private hell having lost my lovely Dad after a long battle with cancer. I was also trapped in a religion I no longer believed in, and terrified of being DFd and losing my family if my true feelings became known, so I just couldn't see a way out . There was no JWN support in those days, and it was a very dark period in my life.

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