What were you doing 25 years ago today....

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  • Leolaia
  • Leolaia

    This is the hardest video to watch. This is the reaction to the explosion by the Teacher-in-Space backup astronaut:


    She finally was able to follow Christa McAuliffe's footsteps into space in 2007 (STS-118).

  • Gregor

    I was setting at my desk when one of my employees came into my office looking stricken. She had tears in her eyes and said "The Challenger just exploded". She had a radio at her workstation and was listening to the launch. I was stunned. I said "Oh, my God! The schoolteacher?" She nodded and broke into sobs. A minute later my wife called from home, she had been watching it on TV and had seen the live picture of Christa's parents as they witnessed the thing blow up. Horrible.

  • palmtree67


    I was in service that day, too. We stopped at the other sister's house to have lunch before we headed out again. We turned on the TV and watched the replays of the explosion. I cried and cried.

    We continued out in service that afternoon, but I remember feeling numb, and my heart wasn't in it.

    And I've never forgotten Christa MacCauliffe's name.

  • purplesofa

    I was in McAllen, TX watching it on TV, instantly I knew there could be no survivors, but the media was acting hopeful and I just kept thinking there is no way.

    I forget how many days afterwards, there was a moment of silence or something, if you were in your car you were to turn on your headlights and honk at that time.

    I was driving and did that, as everyone else on the road. It was pretty awesome. I was so far away from my home in McAllen, and I remember crying.

    It felt like I was home, I was in America.

    Over the years I have thought of that day, and it still gives me a lump in my throat.

    I was not a witness at that time.


  • coffee_black

    I saw it happen. I was on I-4 in Altamonte Springs, Fl, just northeast of Orlando... I could see the explosion in the sky and knew something was wrong. I turned on the news... and heard the sad story. I was on my way to call on an Interior Design firm in Altamonte Springs, and by the time I reached their office, I was pretty shaken. They hadn't heard what had happened, and when I told them they turned on the news right away. Didn't do any business that day....not a pleasant memory.


  • doofdaddy

    Well I wasn't a baby but I had two little children and was not far off being a single dad. Add the jw lifestyle and my reaction to that disaster was shock but quickly back to the realities of my own situation.

  • yknot

    6th grade, I was in the school library perusing Eng-French translation dictionaries for a project......midway through our lunch period.

    I remember the Librarian rushing out and turning on the 'big' tv.....I remember her clothing and her hand in hushed horror against her mouth.

    I and another child bolted to the courtyard (where everyone ate lunch & hung out) after discerning the situaion to tell our peers

    Within 10 or so minutes the school had arranged both jr.high and elementary (shared campus) to gather for an explanation, grief counseling and public prayer.

    One of those 'time stood still' moments....(granted I shudder at what I was wearing and the banana clip in my hair)

  • FirstLastName

    I was in 2nd grade. I remember coming to class one day and my teacher had a picture of the shuttle on the bulletin board. I remember it being a big deal to the teachers cause one of the astronaunts was a teacher.


  • mrsjones5

    I was at work, getting my morning coffee when the news of the explusion came on the lunchroom TV. I'll never forget that day, I was 20.

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