What were you doing 25 years ago today....

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  • Magwitch

    When the Challenger exploded?

    I was dutifully going door to door to door, when a lady came to the door crying about the Cahllenger. She invited me in and I placed a set of magazines. I told her in the months to come these kind of things would never happen again.

  • brotherdan

    I was in kindergarten and knew nothing about it until the episode of Punky Brewster that dealt with the topic.

  • Hecklerboy

    I was sitting on the couch watching the shuttle launch. I always watched it launch back then. I remember seeing it explode and running outside to tell my mom.

  • Violia

    We were unemployed for the first time ever. It was a very bad time for us.

  • blondie

    Eating lunch and watching the reshowing of Challenger blowing up...I had been cleaning at my jobs and had not had the radio or tv on...just a cassette playing.

    I was stunned thinking of how their families had been sitting there watching.

    I was always cautious making promises about when the end was coming...1975 was not that far in the past.

  • Amelia Ashton
  • brotherdan

    We should never name our space shuttles with words that start with "C". It's proven science that C is bad.

    Challenger, Columbia....let's stay away from that.

  • miseryloveselders

    I only remember it vaguely. I was in elementary school, and I sort of remember my teachers having a solidarity with one of the passengers who was a teacher, right? Its all kind of foggy....

  • snowbird

    I remember it was an unusally cold day here.

    At my place of work, people huddled around a TV in stunned silence.

    My oldest daughter, going on 13, was at school; she said some of her teachers cried and cried.

    It was a terrible tragedy.


  • Finally-Free
    What were you doing 25 years ago today....

    I was standing outside of Islington subway station in a cheap suit and tie peddling watchtower and awake magazines. I learned about the tragedy when I went into a restaurant for some breakfast.


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